Surviving Quarantine: Tips if You’re Clueless

About 2 weeks ago life was pretty much “business as usual” for many of us. Then our daily lives were altered in what feels like overnight. Some of us may have seen COVID-19 coming, but for many it may have felt like being blindsided by the virus and the need for mass quarantine. Regardless, of whether you seen it coming or felt like it was sudden, we are all having to figure out a temporary new normal.

Many questions may have crossed your mind. Should you go overboard and buy up supplies? Should you throw caution to the wind and carry on as usual? These questions (or some very similar) have crossed my mind too. I don’t have the answers. However, I’ve gathered a few tips to help you keep your sanity and get through this.


One day we looked up and the word coronavirus along with COVID-19 were all over our television screens and in our social media news feeds. One thing about the news is it typically repeats itself from morning to night. Pick a channel (or two) you trust to give you information. Find a time slot that works for you. Gather your information. Then decipher what’s fact and what’s opinion. Then move on with your day or evening. Try not to hover around the news constantly throughout the day.

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If you insist on checking with news sources frequently, look for positive updates. Find out what your community is doing to help one another. Look into cases of people who have recovered from their COVID-19 symptoms.


There is a lot of uncertainty out there right now. There is a lot that is out of our control. Just the thought of not being in control can feel overwhelming. If you’re not a scientist, doctor, or nurse there is very little you can do. Accept that. Be mindful of the things you can do, like social distancing, washing your hands frequently, and disinfecting your surroundings often.

Try A Week of Self-Care!


Times like these may shift you into self preservation-mode. It’s so easy to worry about your own needs. You may have finances that allow you to buy as much as you want from grocery stores, but remember others don’t. You may have a job that allows you to work from home, but remember others may have recently lost their jobs. You may be in good health, but remember others may not be. Be kind. Be understanding.


Sitting still to pray an meditate is helpful. However, you can find peace of mind by busying yourself as well. Tackle your To-Do list. Search YouTube for a home workout routine. Begin a Couch-to-5k running program. Learn new cooking or baking recipes. In the moments when you are still, try to shift your focus to positive thoughts.

Find your happy place while figuring out the temporary new normal.

How are you coping? Comment below!

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