Beauty Tips to Look Your Best While Traveling


  • Moisturize

Find a moisturizer that fits your skin type.  Moisturized skin always looks and feels the best.  After every wash apply an ample amount of your favorite moisturizer.  It’s refreshing and your skin will thank you.

  • Staple Products Only

Whether it’s lipstick, sunscreen, or your favorite hair styling product, bring it along.  Ask yourself what beauty or skincare item holds the most importance, but also ask yourself what can you live without.  Bringing only the essentials helps to keep your bags light and your routine minimal.

  • Hands Off Your Face

Airports, planes, trains, bathrooms, restaurants, and Ubers all have hundreds of people in-and-out of them daily.  Not only should you wash your hands regularly and use hand sanitizer, but try to make it a point to keep your hands away from your face.  You don’t want to transfer bacteria and dirt to your face where it can become embedded into your pores.  You also don’t want to get sick.

  • Hydrate

Make sure you’re staying adequately hydrated.  It’s easy to forget about hydration while traveling.  Your body will thank you.  If you’re not a water drinker, opt for teas or lemonade.

Check Out My Must-Haves for Skincare while Traveling for more helpful tips!


Fab Five

Five of my favorite things once again!


Self Realization

If you’re around someone long enough it is inevitable for you to find something that you dislike about that person.  A lot of the times it’s simply nitpicking.  I can be merciless when it comes to nitpicking.  However, I realize this and flat-out know that it comes down to being judgemental.  I’m slowly working on me y’all.  Sloooowly, lol.


Issa Rae

Jo-Issa Rae Diop is my sister and friend inside my head.  I love her creative tenacity.  She’s simply DOING IT HUNTY! I love that she makes content for my demographic.  But the content isn’t just for black women to consume.  Her show, Insecure, is one of the shows my husband and I enjoy to watch together.  Did I mention my hubby is a white male in his 30’s?  You wouldn’t imagine that a show about black women navigating relationships, careers, and self-growth would be interesting to him.  But her content is so compelling and real that it would be difficult for anyone to not enjoy it.

baker mayfield

Baker Mayfield

While I’m talking about tenacity, I have to mention new NFL quarterback (and OU alumni) Baker Mayfield.  Although I am a Green Bay Packers fan, I am cheering for the Cleveland Browns also this football season.  Baker is athletic and skilled. Hopefully he can help to turn around the Cleveland franchise.



Sunrises signify “newness” to me.  The day is what you make it.  Of course you might have to do things you don’t like (ex. class, work, doctor’s appointment, etc.).  But it is truly up to you how you approach these tasks.  Walk into the gift of a new day with a positive attitude.



Self-care can sound selfish to some.  However, if doubters of the importance of self-care would actually took the time to practice some element of self-care they would see how key it is to improving overall well being.  Taking the time to read a book, taking a bubble bath, or writing in a journal.  Choose what makes your spirit soar and gives you peace!



Not Today Anxiety, Not Today

I don’t do many faith related posts here.  I scratch the surface of my emotions from time-to-time, but I rarely dive into my spirit.  I can tell you how I feel, but laying out what I believe at times can feel too exhausting.  I don’t think I’ve touched on my anxiety on the blog.  So today is a first.

While I’m being honest, my job gives me the most anxiety.  It is something that I have been battling for so long I can’t nail down exactly when it began.  All it takes is one little hiccup (by yours truly) to send my mind racing and my blood pressure up.  I’ve never felt this way for such an extended amount of time before.  I’ve been in high pressure situations and I’m typically as cool as a cucumber during those times. However, there is something about being in the office and feeling like someone is keeping a tally of all the times I screw up that sends me into a tizzy.

“Breathe Keshia.  The sky isn’t falling because you messed up.”

Another thing that gives me anxiety is money.  I think if I was a millionaire I would still worry about money.  I don’t mean to sound dramatic but maybe it’s a little post-traumatic stress.  The fear of losing things.  I’m not an irresponsible person financially (Although I’ve had my moments in the past. It’s called being in your 20’s).  A lot of times it boils down to me not feeling like I deserve to have nice things.  Nice things go away.  Don’t they?

“Girl, money comes and money goes.  Work with what you got.  Be smart with what you have and you’ll always have a lot.”

These two anxiety triggers have been pressing me lately.  Although I say a little prayer everyday, I have felt compelled to go deeper with my prayers lately.  I pray for relief from the effects of the anxiety (quickened heart rate, body aches from tension, etc.).  I pray for God to calm my mind.  I pray for strength to get through the moment.

I’ve felt the need to identify these trigger points and identify when they hit me (and boy do they hit me).  I’ve decided to stop and question what is really sending my mind into a whirlwind.  I think about whether the reasons for my emotions are legit.  Often I realize that my thoughts simply get away from me.

I am learning that I have to trust in God for the things I pray for.  Even if it seems impossible at the peak of my high anxiety moments.  I also have to be active in processing my thoughts more precisely.  There will always be things I can’t control.  What I can control is how I react to those things.

If anxiety is a consistent problem for you as well, my heart goes out to you.  Hopefully, this post helps you in some way.

Take care,


Tools for Bloggers/Vloggers


There is definitely a learning curve with blogging.  It is not always as easy as simply sitting down at the computer and typing.  Photographs, graphics, and SEO quickly become very important to improving the look, feel, and popularity of your blog.  Video blogging (commonly known as vlogging) is similar.  You need eye catching thumbnails and smart keywords to help you get noticed. Here are a few tools that can help you hit the ground running.


Canva – Canva is a website that allows you to create graphics for various media platforms.

  • Pros
    • can be used for Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, and other social media platforms to create graphics
    • Simple to use
    • As a member, the website automatically saves your previous projects
  • Cons
    • Limited selection of graphics for non “Pro” members
    • Some graphics look dated


Skillshare – Skillshare is a website that provides a learning space for those wanting to gain more knowledge on specific subjects including how to’s and tips for personal growth.

  • Pros
    • Several classes available if you need help on a specific subject
    • The class instructors are available to interact with and ask questions
  • Cons
    • Subscription is necessary after your first few weeks
    • The website still is relatively new and still needs to add more classes for a better selection


Photoshop – Photoshop can help turn photos from mediocre to awesome

  • Pros
    • Simple to use for basic editing of photos
  • Cons
    • Complex to use for thorough editing and photo corrections


Fiverr – Fiverr allows people who are not as skilled in a particular area of creativity or business to purchase the service(s) from others who are experienced in those areas. For example; if you need an illustration for a presentation, you can go to the site and find an illustrator.

  • Pros
    • The sellers of the services available are rated based on previous customer reviews and their experience on the site
    • No cost is required to be a member of the site. However, it does cost to purchase a service
  • Cons
    • Time consuming searching through sellers to find the right fit for your needs – is a tool created by Google to help with SEO by picking out keywords that can prove helpful to drive traffic to your website or video.

  • Pros
    • Free for basic searches
  • Cons
    • Instant visible results are not guaranteed

Where Did The Time Go?

I write this as I sit at my desk at work on a Friday.  Feeling so restless.  David and I have been in our new place for several days.  We’re still not adjusted. New scenery, new noises, and new neighbors.  However, I can’t wait any longer.  I need to get back into a groove.  I stalled on all my projects for most of June and ALL of July because I wanted to focus on “the move”.  Now that it’s over I just want to get started on “me” again.  I want to get back into a workout routine.  I want to plan things for this blog and the YouTube channel.  I want to write again.  I miss it so much.  I think back to 2016 and how motivated I was to finish my first book.  Then 2017 began a slow decline on my confidence as a writer.  Then 2018 rolled around and I felt like I could jump back on the saddle.  Only for life to constantly put speed bumps in the way.  Speed bumps that I turned into moats wider than the Pacific Ocean.  The first 60 percent of my year (don’t panic but we are in August now people) has been full of starts-to-stops-to…never starting again.  But like the saying goes…”It’s not how you start but how you finish that counts.”


6 Ways to Sleep Better At a Hotel


I love to travel. However, when I think about trying to get a good night’s rest while while away from home I cringe.  Hundreds of travelers would love to feel well-rested throughout their trip, but most find themselves longing for the comforts of home.  Here are a few tips to help you maximize your sleep while traveling.

people in elevators

  • No elevators, please!

This tip comes from experience.  The elevator is a high traffic area.  If your room is too close to the elevator  you run the risk of hearing people climb onto and off of the elevator.  This may not seem like an issue during the day, but in the evening it can be annoying. There are conversations while people wait for the elevator and people clunking their luggage onto and off the elevator. My fix to avoid being stuck near the elevator: When making your reservation, ask for a room away from the elevator.  It really is that simple.  Every time I have placed this in the “Request” section of my reservation I’ve been booked into a room away from the potentially noisy elevator.

blackout curtains

  • Blackout Curtains

Blackout curtains are a life-saver in hotel rooms.  All modern hotels should have them.  They help to block out all light from entering your room and keeping you awake.  Blackout curtains can be utilized during the day as well if you’re crossing time zones.  Also, they can help to keep your room temperature cool which can benefit you while you’re sleeping.

desk fan

  • Personal Fan

I once saw an older gentleman bring an 18-inch stand fan into the hotel.  He was obviously driving and not flying.  But this guy is an experienced traveler and he knows that some hotel rooms simply don’t get cold enough to feel comfortable while sleeping.  This may seem like an odd object to throw in your luggage, but hear me out. If you sleep with a fan blowing on you at home, like myself, then you’re probably going to miss having that cooling sensation flowing over you.  If you have room in your luggage, then you should definitely consider including a small desk fan.


  • Earplugs

Sometimes you have a noisy neighbor.  You call the front desk and nothing seems to change.  Maybe you even booked a hotel room near a busy street.  Having a set of earplugs with you is very helpful to cancel out the noise.  They are inexpensive and come in varying sizes and colors. Also, earplugs can come in handy while flying.

eye mask

  • Eye mask

An eye mask may seem a little diva-ish. However, if you’re sharing a room with someone an eye mask is nice to have.  You may be ready to call it a night and your roommate may want to stay up a little longer and watch television or Face-time with a loved one from home.  Eye masks, like earplugs, can aide in allowing you to get the restful sleep that you need.


  • Medicated Sleep Aide

I am a little reluctant to include this on the list of helpful tips.  Using medications to help with sleep is controversial to some.  I’ve used melatonin in the past to help me fall asleep and stay asleep.  This is only a temporary fix.  If sleep is something you can’t do without while you’re away from home, a sleep aide may help you.  If you’re going to use a sleep aide make sure you do your research and follow the instructions provided on the package.  I would encourage you not to take any type of pharmaceutical sleep aide while traveling alone.

Hopefully, these tips work for you and you get better sleep while you’re away from the comforts of home.



Fellow Okie – Sarah Bowen


tiny things by bowen2

Artists are fair and festival staples.  From paintings-to-wind chimes-to-blown glass sculptures, you can find almost anything at a local festival.  If you’re lucky, you might even find Sarah Bowen and her tiny creations.  Sarah is the artist and owner of Tiny Things by Bowen.  She is also a Fellow Okie!

What’s your name?

Sarah Bowen

What is the name of your company and is it based in Oklahoma?

Tiny Things by Bowen

What city in Oklahoma do you call home?


What’s your favorite thing about Oklahoma?

I love the friendliness of strangers…I believe they call it Midwestern charm. I also love the number of people interested in supporting the arts, and the conversations I have about our local community and the positive changes taking place to support art and culture.

Compared to other places you’ve traveled, what stands out most about Oklahoma?

The laid back atmosphere! Not quite so far as New Orleans, as we still keep time, but it is a very comfortable and friendly place. I feel a great freedom to express my art and communicate my goals to the community without fear of a negative response. I feel people give themselves the time to enjoy art and culture, especially as it becomes more prominent in our area. And again of course, the friendliness of strangers! I want to live in a place where it’s not weird to say “Hey!” and smile at someone you don’t know, and often receiving the same in return.tiny things by bowenTell me a little bit about your company.

Tiny Things by Bowen started out as my summer job during my off time as a sign language interpreter for Tulsa Public Schools. For four years it was strictly me making and selling my own art made from polymer clay. However, about one year ago, I discovered my love of teaching and sharing the medium with everyone. So Tiny Things has evolved in a natural way that I am so grateful for. It is now my full time job, and I teach and sell art in a variety of places.

I now bring my art to others in community spaces such as libraries, restaurants, and bars; places where people already go, with a goal of bringing creativity to everyday locations and situations. I encourage everyone to find the artists in themselves…you’re not an artist you say? Here, have some clay, see what happens. Nearly 100% of the time people impress themselves and leave with something they can be proud of. I make, and encourage others to make, functional art like magnets and personal accessories so that their creations can serve a purpose and be seen.

I also offer private parties for adults, kids, and companies. Again with the idea of incorporating art into as many spaces as possible.

I still make and sell my own art at local and regional events such as the Blue Dome Arts Festival (my favorite), comic conventions, punk rock flea markets, and site-specific art fairs like Kendall Whittier’s Mercado, and OKC’s LIVE on the Plaza. I travel to Northwest Arkansas fairly regularly, and hope to attend some events in Kansas City and Texas in the future.

What are your goals for the company? 

My goals for Tiny Things include becoming a well known party service around town,  developing my own artistic style in making some larger pieces and exhibiting in local galleries, receiving art grants that would allow me to offer free community workshops in unserved areas, helping to develop diversity and unity within the local art community through Tiny Things’ involvement in 918Makers, and to bring art to as many people as possible.

How can others help you achieve your goals?

Are you a parent? Schedule a birthday party or bring your kiddos to my all-ages workshops!

Are you a teacher? Request Tiny Things through the Artists in the Schools program, I’ll come be a guest artist in your classroom!

Are you an artist? Come to my workshops, join 918Makers, share your resources!

Do you have a fridge? Find me at a local event and purchase some of my whimsical magnets!

Do you use social media? Follow me on Facebook and Instagram @tinythingsbybowen

Do you have friends? Tell them about Tiny Things by Bowen! Bring them to a craft night! Buy them a Tulsa-themed gift from my booth

Want to buy something now? Tiny Things are in the Soul City gift shop and the Made Indie Emporium downtown! I also list unique items on my website shop. Currently listed are cute little paw print magnets that help fund the spaying and neutering of area strays!

How can people contact you?
facebook & instagram @tinythingsbybowen; phone: 918-973-4089

I believe everyone has artistic ability in them. Maybe painting murals, photography, playing an instrument, or drawing aren’t for you. However, sculpting may be the thing that fits.  If you’re interested in Tiny Things by Bowen, reach out and schedule a class.  Or show your support by purchasing an item from her shop. Don’t forget to follow Sarah on social media!



Fab Five

laugh emoji


Laughter is so necessary for my soul.  I think if my spirit had a noise attached to it, it would be a laugh.  There are times when I am feeling low.  Sometimes those low moments are in the middle of being swamped with important tasks.  So what do I do to lift my spirits?  I either think of a funny moment from my past or think of a funny joke.  Have you laughed today?

dark chocolate

Dark Chocolate

I could state all the scientific and nutritional facts associated with consuming dark chocolate. However, dark chocolate’s worthy mention is because it is simply my most craved type of chocolate. As a child I was milk chocolate all the way.  Then my taste buds discovered white chocolate (Hello…Hershey’s Cookies & Cream candy bar).  As I grew older, small nibbles here-and-there resulted in me absolutely loving the marriage of bitterness and sweet that dark chocolate brought.  It’s almost my own version of black coffee, no sugar-no cream.  It’s an instant pick-me up.  O yea…and it’s healthy.

alabama shakes

Alabama Shakes

I can’t remember when I stumbled on blues rock band, the Alabama Shakes. It was some time around their debut album (Boys & Girls) I’m sure. The first time I heard Brittany’s strong, deep, soulful, and at times raspy voice surrounded by funky chords was on the song “You Aint Alone”.  I instantly wondered “who is that?”.  I had to hear more of them. I then heard “Give Me All Your Love” and instantly became a fan.

evolution motivation


I love to see people making moves.  Whether it’s a friend returning to school to further their education. Or a co-worker deciding they want an entire career change and deciding to leave their current job to follow their dreams.  I love to see progression.  People are meant to evolve.  Setting goals, working for those goals, and then attaining them is completely awesome to see.  I want to see people not giving up.

dark purple black

Dark Colors

Green is my favorite color.  When I’m not loving all things green I gravitate towards deep purple, dark blue, and black.  Those colors do not make a happy and bright color palette.  But those colors excite me. Like green makes me think of sunny spring days, deep purple (not the band) makes me think of beautiful flowers. Dark blue makes me think of the ocean, above and beneath the horizon. Black makes me think of power.  All three stir an emotion in me.

Where To Eat BBQ in Tulsa, OK

Summer weather and barbecue go hand-and-hand. If you are craving barbecue, but don’t want to go through the hassle of firing up the grill or smoker, stop by one of these locations in the Tulsa area to get your fix.


Elmer’s BBQ – 4130 S Peoria Ave, Tulsa, OK 74105

Elmer’s BBQ is such a chill spot. You can tell it’s been around for more than a few decades. It’s in the walls, the music, and of course the food.  Eating at Elmer’s BBQ makes you feel like you’re “home”. They have a wonderful selection of meats and sides on the menu, and all reasonably priced.  My favorite item is the hot link. It has just the right amount of heat to awaken my taste buds but not too much that it overpowers the rest of the meal.  If you’re ever on Brookside in Tulsa, OK you should stop by for some hearty and delicious barbecue.

Oklahoma Joes

Oklahoma Joe’s Barbecue & Catering – 6175 E 61st St, Tulsa, OK 74136 and 25 W. 5th St, Tulsa, OK

Oklahoma Joe’s Barbecue have great locations if you want to take your family out for some barbecue and catch the latest sporting event on t.v. The barbecued and smoked meats are succulent.  They have everything from ribs to turkey, smoked or barbecued to perfection. I personally enjoy their brisket.  It’s got the right balance of tenderness and chew. Oklahoma Joe’s Barbecue has the perfect ambiance if you’re looking to host your family and friends to barbecue in Tulsa.

Burn Co.

Burn Co. Barbecue – 1738 S Boston Ave, Tulsa, OK 74119 and 500 Riverwalk Terrace #135, Jenks, OK 74037

Burn Co. Barbecue is a “supply and demand” type of barbecue place. They serve barbecue until their smokers are empty.  It takes a lot of courage to operate a business using that model. However, Burn Co. Barbecue has been doing exactly that for years.  So you know the food must be impressive.  The restaurants are cafeteria style seating. Which means you never know who you’ll end up sharing a table with. It’s rustic and laid-back.  Which may also describe their barbecue style. My favorite item on their menu is the ribs. They are tender and meaty.  If you get a chance to try Burn Co. Barbecue do it! Before they sell out.

David and I did our very own Tulsa Food Tour: Barbecue Edition! Check it out for a glance out the Tulsa barbecue spots mentioned above!





photo: Colormyfootsteps

photo: Colormyfootsteps

It is summer, summer, summer time! At least here in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Of course, I had to share with you some of the things I am into for this summer. I had to include a mini Bath & Body Works haul and give a shout out to my Okie feature! Hop over to the channel to watch the video and see what else you may have missed in my neck of the woods!