Easy Stay At-Home Natural Hairstyles

We’ve all seen those photos on social media showing an influencer who “woke up like this” with a semi-bare face and neatly coiffed messy bun. After rolling your eyes and scrunching your nose up before “hate-liking” their post, you hop in front of the mirror and wonder what you’re going to do with your hair for the day. Of course, you then try a messy bun. After 15 minutes of fighting with your hair and simultaneously getting an arm workout, you realize your hair looks as if it’s providing housing for homeless squirrels.

Don’t waste time trying to make your hair do something it doesn’t want to do. If you’re going to be at-home, find styles that can last several days without leaving you with a tangled mess. Also, if you have natural curls like me, you’ll also give your hair bonnet a much needed break.


Braids are probably a given when it comes to finding a natural hairstyle to rock while at home. You can wear your own hair in braids or add extensions to achieve a sleek or bohemian braided look. Adding hair by using extensions allows for a wider range of styling options.

Tips For Protective Styling

Flat Twists

A flat twisted up-do style is a great way to keep your hair out of your way. Either chunky or medium sized flat twists can create the perfect style. The style can be dressed up or down with hair accessories.

Easy Stay At-Home Natural Hairstyles

Wash N’ Go

If you’ve always wanted to wear your hair in a wash n’ go style but never had the time to master the look, now is your time. Gather your style essentials. Those should include a a spray bottle of water, leave-in conditioner, oil, and a gel or mousse that provides great hold. Get tips from hair bloggers with a hair type similar to yours who’ve mastered the style. Then practice on your hair. If it doesn’t turn out how you hoped don’t worry. Since you’re at home, no one needs to know.

How To Install Spring Twists



If you are not in the mood to do your hair AT ALL, opt for a scarf. No, I’m not talking about the one you wear to bed every night. Find a cute scarf, preferably satin, to wrap over your curls. Pinterest and YouTube are great search options to find How-To videos on creating scarf looks.

What’s your go-to stay at-home hairstyle? Comment Below!

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