Sweet Mia Nail Spa – Mini Review

David and I had the opportunity to visit the Sweet Mia Nail Spa. For quite sometime I’ve been looking for a nail salon in Tulsa that was different from all the rest. There are many options out there for the best nail salon in Tulsa. However, I wanted something that stood out from the rest. I stumbled upon Sweet Mia Nail Spa on Instagram.

Sweet Mia Nail Spa offers the nail salon experience without the risk of breathing in harmful chemicals. They place an emphasis on using nail polishes and polish removers that do not contain formaldehyde, toluene, and other toxins. You may consider them an all natural nail salon. With Covid-19 a factor in our daily lives, the salon has adjusted to allow plenty of room between customers. The nail technicians wear mask and customers are required to wear masks also.

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I made an appointment online, which was an easy experience, for two Classic Pedicures ($39 ea.). I appreciated having to make an appointment because I knew that we would have little wait time when we arrived. When David and I arrived for our appointment we were greeted, I was asked to choose a color, and we were seated in a few of their zero-gravity chairs. The atmosphere was warm and some-what tranquil. It took me sometime to figure out why it felt so different and I believe it’s because there were no tv’s. I feel the lack of “entertainment” improved the overall ambiance of the spa. Activating the massagers on the zero-gravity chairs helped as well.

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Our nail technicians quickly got to work on our feet. We were both due for pedicures. A quick foot soak, followed by a pumice stone massage, hot towel wraps, warm stone massages, and an application of my chosen non-toxic nail polish for me.

Overall, we had a good experience. My only complaint is, David found what was either a fingernail or toenail near the zero-gravity chair he was sitting in. It wasn’t a big deal (it is a nail salon) but making sure the place is cleaned in between appointments would make sure things like that don’t happen.

I would go back. In fact, I want to try a manicure and possibly a facial. Have you visited one of the Sweet Mia Nail Spas in Tulsa? Tell me about your experience in the comments section!

Locations: 1605 E. Cherry St. Tulsa, OK 74120 and 10021 S. Yale Ave. #106 Tulsa, OK 74137

Make an Appointment: https://www.sweetmianailspa.com

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