Blogging Misconceptions

If you’re new to blogging you may be super eager to jump in and be successful. Although blogging can be fun and interesting there are several pitfalls that you could fall into along the way.

Blogging Conferences/Events

This is one of those things I feel like I have to mention. When you start blogging you can feel overwhelmed and lost. You need advice on which is the best hosting platform, what’s the best layout, and how to get eyes on your content. You may look to social media for guidance. In the process of searching for help you may see opportunities to attend blogging conferences and events. I’m not trying to put down any of these events. However, some of them can be quite pricey. Not to mention, they are not always centered around the things that you may actually need help with. You don’t have to go to these big conferences and/or events. Unless of course you want to (and can afford to). Often times they end up being a huge time suck and you only end up with a few cool selfie-ops for your Instagram. Do yourself a favor and find blogging groups through social media. Most fellow bloggers are very helpful, and it won’t cost you a dime.

Not Writing in Bulk

I used to only write one blog post every few weeks or even months. Then I found myself complaining that my blog audience was not growing. I came to the realization that my inconsistency was the problem. I had to expand my blog post topics and also post more frequently. In order to do this I had to write as much as possible when my creative juices were flowing. But don’t forget quality over quantity.

Sponsored Posts

Don’t hold your breath on sponsorship offers from companies filling up your inbox. Companies are all about what you can do for them. The more eyes they can get on their products the better their chances of cashing in. If your blog traffic isn’t there, it is hard to convince a company it’s worth them paying you. If the traffic isn’t high to your blog, try focusing on engagement. Respond to comments on your posts. Make sure you’re interacting with your readers. Companies value that just as much.

Assuming because you write people will read

Overcoming this misconception has been the biggest factor in my growth this year. It is so easy to become so self-absorbed in ourselves. We can’t wait to share it with the world. We forget that others might not see the same amount of value in what we are sharing. Think about it. How often have you passed by someone playing a guitar outside of a store and you kept going about your business? Not everyone is going to be into your blog. And that’s okay. As long as you’re still loving it, that’s all that matters. Give it time and the right people will find you naturally.

Hopefully, these blogging tips help you. Find additional blogging tips below!

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9 thoughts on “Blogging Misconceptions

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  1. These are all really great tips, especially the one about the blogger conferences. I understand people’a services/ expertise come with a price tag but some of them are just outrageous lol. That’s why I’m always looking for free events in my city.


  2. This is so true! I’m new at blogging for profit and it is no joke! These are great tips!
    I am so enjoying your post!!


  3. This is the truth!! I am new at blogging for profit and it can be expensive. It’s rough out here for a new blogger. Thanks for the great tips!!


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