April Photo Wrap-Up 2016

Hey y’all!

Here we are at the end of April. We’ve had a pretty good amount of rain but a whole lot of sunshine too! If you know me than you know I love some sun. Here’s a quick look at what I got into this beautiful month of April.



I love getting outdoors and taking in the sun. I took a nice walk after work along Riverside here in Tulsa, OK. I am making a point to get out and enjoy the outdoors and get a little more exercise before it gets unbearably hot.


David and I found this lovely couple of ducks hanging out in the yard one evening. It was kind of surprising to see them so close to a residence.


A look at Riverside Park from the other side of the river. This was the 1st time I had hung out on the paths on the other side of the river. Have you hung out there? They have a relaxing and cool vibe going on in the evenings. From food, to music, to yoga, check it out!


It’s been awhile, but David and I finally stopped in to get some good eats from our favorite sushi spot, Sushi Train located at 3300 E 51st St, Tulsa, OK 74135 next to Chilis. The food was delicious of course.


Friday Night Lights typically consist of softball! David has continued with softball for the spring. So far the team is doing pretty good. With these nice spring nights I definitely don’t mind hanging out and cheering.

all pasta restaurantatlanta, georgiasee you there!

New shirts were introduced on the website. If you follow me on my social media outlets than you know that I have deals offered on products on a regular basis. Just follow me on Facebook and Instagram! Check out the shop here!

I recorded a few videos this month. Feel free to check those out!

One of those videos included our trip to the University of Oklahoma campus in Norman, OK.

1 Left on Elm Header

One of the biggest things that happened this month was me introducing Allie Paschal to you guys as a Fellow Okie! Allie is an awesome young woman and the owner of Left on Elm. Please check out her Fellow Okie post here!

Thanks guys for stopping by my little hub here on the internet. Have a great week and weekend! Catch you guys next month!


March Photo Wrap-Up 2016

It feels to me like March has actually been shorter than February this year! Time flies when you’re having fun. Enjoy this month’s photos y’all!


I hit the road with my favorite traveling companion, and best friend David. We had a great time at the Arnold Fitness Expo in Columbus, Ohio!


When these beautiful trees start blooming again I know spring is here!


Stumbled upon these new items while shopping for kid birthday gifts. These are a part of the new line of “fashionista” Barbie dolls. They have curvy, petite and tall dolls. Being a tall girl myself I sure wish they would’ve had these options when I was a little girl.


Date night fun with the David. We tried a new restaurant and watched a movie at The Warren Theatre.


Yummy dinner at The Waterfront Grill in Jenks, OK (reference date night above). It was our first time dining here and the food was delicious. I had the catfish fillets, with coleslaw and Asian stir-fry vegetables. I was impressed with the catfish. Did I mention yummy yet?


One of the most important indicators that spring has arrived is my god-daughter, Icely’s, birthday. I am so honored to have her in my life. She is growing up too fast.

I hope your month went well. Even though allergies can be a pain in the butt, please get out there and enjoy the outdoors.

Thanks for reading!

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October Photo Wrap-Up 2015

Fall is in full effect! Here are some of the pictures from this month. Wow how time flies!

Fair Time!

Fair Time!

O the weirdest things they can come up with to fry at the fair.

Great night!

Great night!

The Tulsa Fair is always a blast!



Friday night lights! Fridays are dedicated to softball baby!

Me and Mrs. Berry

I’ve always wanted to be a part of art!

Had fun stopping by The Max Retropub in downtown Tulsa.

Me and Halle

Me and Halle

Also enjoyed a fun night at The Warren Theatre in Broken Arrow, OK. The YouTube video can be found here

My best friend and I at the OKC Natural Hair Expo!

My best friend and I at the OKC Natural Hair Expo!

We enjoyed swinging by the Oklahoma City Natural Hair Expo. It was a really cool event put together by Resilient Soul.

That’s the month in Photographic review! I hope you end your month well and I’ll see you all in November if God is willing. Stay blessed.

How To Stay Fit On The Road

We’ve all been guilty of this. We are on the road away from home and we go into “vacation mode”. All of our routines go out the window, and that includes our fitness goals. All we want to do is over-indulge in laziness. We get back home and have to struggle to get back into the workout and healthy living mindset. However, we don’t have to do that. You may have noticed that I keep saying “we”. I too struggle with staying on track. Never fear I have compiled a list of helpful tools to keep “us” on track.

Do Something

You might not have the time or the equipment to do everything you would like to do. Don’t let that stop you. Keep it simple.

Stretch to warm up your muscles.

Stretch to warm up your muscles.

Stretch to warm up your muscles.

Stretch to warm up your muscles.

You can start with basic arm workouts, no equipment needed. Push-ups are a tried and true way to hit your triceps, biceps and chest muscles. If you know your max number of reps (repetitions) you can do sets working up to that. Or you can do several max out sets.

Upper body : push-ups

Upper body : push-ups

If you happen to have workout bands you can use those in various ways to get a good upper body workout.

Workout bands for upper body

Workout bands for upper body

Don’t let the lack of space be an excuse not to workout your legs. If you’ve spent a lot of time cramped up while driving or flying, getting the blood pumping through your legs might be a good idea. If you are lacking space you can always do body weight squats. These usually require a high number of reps to really work the muscles so you might want to consider maxing out on your reps. Lunges are also a good exercise. You can do them in place just like squats.

Lunges in place

Lunges in place

Adding ankle weights can be a great way to add some resistance to your leg workouts if you’re lacking equipment.

Ankle weights aid in providing resistance to your leg workouts

Ankle weights aid in providing resistance to your leg workouts

Don’t forget your waistline. Most abdominal workouts are typically done without machines anyway, so you should definitely be capable of hitting those abs.

Wall sits (or wall squats) work your abdominal muscles and your legs.

Wall sits (or wall squats) work your abdominal muscles and your legs.

You can also do planks which are simple to perform but you determine the level of intensity. Set your stopwatch on your phone and do a few sets.

Various degrees of planks

Various degrees of planks

Use The Hotel Facilities

Now if you’re staying at a hotel that allows access to its guests then I highly recommend you stop in. Most hotel gyms have the bare minimum when it comes to the equipment they provide. However, that simply means you have to put on your thinking caps and figure out some workouts or pull out your phone and Google it!

Pull-downs on machine

Pull-downs on machine

Sit-ups at an angle

Sit-ups on a reclining bench

Shoulder presses with dumbbells

Shoulder presses with dumbbells

Of course if none of these exercises suit you, then you can always find a runners path and go for a jog or a long walk. If the hotel has a pool then consider swimming a few laps to get in your exercise.

I hope you keep this article in mind the next time you are away from home. Always keep your physical fitness in mind when traveling.

Thanks for reading. To keep track of my fitness related stuff visit my Instagram page, Colormyfootsteps.

What To Do With Your Kids When Summer Travel Is Not An Option.

Summer is here! I’m sure most kids are out of school and by now the euphoria of no school work and endless hours of freedom is starting to die down. By now, if you’re a parent, you are probably hearing the classic phrase “I’m bored”. The family vacation used to be a staple part of summer. Over time, partly due to the economy, most families simply can’t afford to pack the kids up and hit the road to some exciting destination. If you’re a parent, a grandparent or a babysitter I hope I can assist you with finding fun things for your kids to do this summer if traveling is simply out of the question. Don’t worry I will do my best to keep your wallets and purse strings in mind while composing this list.

Free Stuff:

  • (Ages: 2 thru 8yrs) Build a fort. If you recently purchased a large home appliance then it probably came in a huge box. Just grab a few markers, duct tape, blankets and maybe even laundry baskets and see what you can come up with. If you need some guidance log into Pinterest to get some ideas. The younger age group love to use their imaginations. This is something that can occupy the kids for hours. Plus you can teach them how to build and construct things and work together to do it. Besides how many times have you bought your kid an expensive gift and all they wanted to do is play with the box?
  • (Ages 9mon thru 9yrs) Let them splash on the pad. Many cities and towns have splash pads available at local parks. The splash pads allow your kids to run around and cool off from the rising temperatures. Make sure to bring sunscreen and snacks.
  • (Ages 2 thru 10yrs) Linger in the Library. The library might not sound like the most fun place to be at any time of the year, especially the summer. However, many libraries have summer programs available for kids. Story time, movie time and other activities are usually on the agenda. This is also a way to keep your child’s mind engaged during their time away from school.
  • (All ages) Movies under the stars. The Guthrie Green, here in Tulsa, hosts Movies On The Green all summer until September 24th. Most movies are family friendly, but use your own discretion on what is acceptable for your family to watch. Just grab a blanket and a lawn chair and enjoy the entertainment.


Inexpensive Fun:

  • (Ages 12mon thru 12yrs) Movie time! Many movie theatres host kid days, giving kids and parents the opportunity to come and watch a movie for a low cost (sometimes free). For example The Regal Promenade Palace will have its Summer Movie Express. Admission is only $1 and the event is for nine weeks and is held every Tuesday and Thursday. The Cinemark in Broken Arrow, OK will be saving parents a lil bit of change at the concession stand with $1 off of a movie snack pack Monday through Thursday. Broken Arrow’s newest theatre, the Warren Theatre, will have free tickets available to the public. Children 13 and under will receive a free combo meal. They will also have other fun goodies for kids to enjoy from now til August 4th. Of course I encourage you to check the website of the theatres to verify information and to find out movie showtimes.
  • (All ages) Summer Sports. Sporting events are a nice opportunity to get out of the house and spend time with family. Baseball is typically in full swing around this time and so is women’s basketball. Find a team near you and go cheer them on. Most teams have a “family day” offered which includes discounts. This usually is an opportunity to engage with family and save a few pennies too.


Pricier Summertime Splurge:

  • (All ages) Waterpark frills. Let’s be honest amusement parks are not the cheapest option and that includes water parks. However if you can afford to take your kids at least once during their summer vacation then I’m sure they would definitely appreciate it. The price of admission can vary depending on the location, amenities available and if you’re purchasing single day tickets or season passes. A good way to save money is to plan to eat before you enter the water park or after you leave. The concession prices can easily send you over your budget.


Of course if you really sit down and think about it there are plenty of ideas to keep the fun rolling for your kids this summer. There are sports camps, camping opportunities, church camps, museums and zoo activities.

sport2splash pad


Not from Tulsa? Check out your local city or town website to see what they have in store for the summer. I encourage you to branch out in your community to see what is available to your family, some of which can possibly be free.

Throwing Weight Like It’s My Job…2015 NASA Natural Nationals

There are so many marvelous and whimsical places that a couple could celebrate Valentines Day weekend. I highly doubt that sitting in a hotel conference room and watching people lift things up and put them down –>insert Planet Fitness Lunk joke here<– would be considered one of them. But guess what…that’s how this girl spent her weekend and I enjoyed every minute of it. If you’ve been reading my blogs or following me on Instagram for a while now then you would know that my boyfriend is a powerlifter. You may even remember my August post of his first full powerlifting meet which was also through the same powerlifter association, NASA. This past weekend we set out to Oklahoma City to attend this competitive event.

The weekend was not all heavy metal. After the boyfriend weighed-in for his weight class, we both headed over to a nearby Mexican restaurant (sorry I do not recall the name and can’t seem to find it on Google maps). The food was very good and the strawberry margarita was delicious.



We stayed at the Comfort Suites located about a mile up the road from the meet location, Wyndham Garden Hotel. We got a good nights rest, after chatting it up with my brother and his girlfriend who came to support (Yay!). The next morning was time to get to work!

There was a pretty good-sized crowd at this event. There were plenty of competitors ranging from novice to experienced. These events go typically for about 6-7 hours, depending on how many people compete. If you ever attend one of these events be prepared to sit, sit and sit some more. The meet is non-stop with short breaks between categories.







I am very proud of my boyfriend and his friend and fellow competitor Toby. They put many months of training into this event and it really paid off. Powerlifting isn’t something to do flippantly, you have to train hard and constantly plan ways to meet your personal records. It’s so awesome to be in a room filled with people working towards their own personal goals. I had an awesome time this weekend.

Very proud of him! Of course he had to represent for Keith's Ice Cold Beverages!

Very proud of him! Of course he had to represent for Keith’s Ice Cold Beverages!

I hope your Valentines weekend was fun. What did you do?

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I have a golden ticket...I have a golden chance to make my way....and with a golden ticket it's a golden dayyyyy!! lol I got carried away.

I have a golden ticket…I have a golden chance to make my way….and with a golden ticket it’s a golden dayyyyy!! lol I got carried away.

A couple of Fall firsts; Linde Oktoberfest and Thunder Game


What a busy weekend. I must say that the weather this weekend was perfect for activities. I was never a person who loved fall weather but this year it is really starting to grow on me. But enough about that…let’s get down to business.

The 2014 Linde Oktoberfest in Tulsa, held at the River West Festival Park, began on Thursday Oct.16th and wrapped up on Sunday Oct. 19th. My boyfriend and I decided to attend on Saturday afternoon.  From our personal experience the parking situation was handled smoothly. We paid at the entrance and were on our way to enjoy the festival. This was my first time attending any Oktoberfest so I was pretty open to whatever I might find. There were plenty of family friendly rides and kid friendly arts and crafts available.





Our winnings: a deck of cards and a luggage tag. Worth the 10 minute wait?

If the Tulsa State Fair blog is any indication to you of what my main objective was when attending this Oktoberfest then you already know…I came for some food baby. We exchanged our cash for tickets (a pretty good way of currency I must say, 1 ticket is equivalent to $1), and then we went to find some food. There were numerous tents set up with the majority of which being the tents housing the music performers and seating. Any tent that wasn’t for music was for food or merchandise. Out first stop was to fill up our souvenir mug with none other than beer of course. After that we stopped by The Schnitzel Haus where we got a…you guessed it…a schnitzel. I had never eaten one and didn’t know what to expect, but it actually wasn’t bad. It was almost like a pork chop sandwich (yes I know that’s so country, lol) but without the toughness of the meat. When it was all said and done we had a schnitzel, a bratwurst with sauerkraut, a funnel cake, lemonade, German brownies, and a corn dog.




corn dog

Needless to say we got our fill. When we weren’t stuffing our faces we were taking in the sights which included music of all types (which was pretty cool because depending on your musical tastes you could pretty much sit and listen to whatever suited you, just find your tent). Judging only by this one experience I would attend Oktoberfest again. My only gripe is that they encourage you to buy a souvenir mug and then charge you a “refill” price to get beer on your first time filling up your mug. I know it seems picky of me but I think there has to be a more cost efficient way for the consumer to save a few bucks the first time they fill up their mug, maybe I don’t know. All in all it was a good experience.

I’m pretty diverse in my likes and dislikes. One of my many likes is sports. Especially when it comes to cheering on the home team. This past Sunday (Oct. 19th) The Oklahoma City Thunder made their annual pre-season trip to Tulsa to play against the Minnesota Timberwolves.



This was my first NBA game and I was pretty excited. Pre-season lacks a little bit of the competitiveness than that of a regular season game. Although it was just pre-season the BOK Center was packed with fans. We enjoyed the game (from the nosebleed seats I must add, lol hey we were being a little cheap lol).



Sitting in the sea of blue fan shirts was an awesome atmosphere to be in. Unfortunately the home team couldn’t pull off the win. I am hoping the loss is not a sign of what is to come for our team.


I had a great and eventful weekend. How was yours?

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GO GO Power…Lifters!


I spent the weekend at the NASA World Cup 2014 in Oklahoma City. When I say NASA I’m not referring to the space program (even though that would be cool). I’m talking about the Natural Athlete Strength Association. This was not my 1st time attending a powerlifting meet, however it was my 1st time attending a full powerlifting meet. Let me quickly disclose: I am not a powerlifter (but I play one on television, lol just kidding), BUT my boyfriend is. He is a novice but is very knowledgeable about the sport. Yes it is a sport. These competitors train hard (sometimes months at a time), study other lifting techniques and load and cut weight, purchase equipment and miss time with family and friends just so they can participate in this sport. Some even go on to be sponsored by big name supplement companies. There are so many different topics that I can’t even begin to elaborate on in this post (and honestly I know I’m not the most knowledgeable on the topic). There are different powerlifting organizations, different divisions, different rules, drug-tested and non drug-tested and the list goes on when it comes to the specifics. But back to the weekend mentioned earlier. The meet took place at the Wyndham Garden Hotel near the OKC airport. Since we traveled into town Saturday afternoon we didn’t arrive early enough to watch the children and women lifters. Yes I said children and women.

Putting me to shame, this girl can lift!

Putting me to shame, this girl can lift!

Having witnessed kids and women lift at the previous meet I attended I know just how cool it is to watch them do their thang on the platform. But we were able to see a few of them do deadlifts at the Sunday meet. The meet is divided by weight and equipped/non-equipped (and age groups for Sub-Masters and Masters). Thousands upon thousands of pounds were lifted this weekend. It was an all day event and I was pretty exhausted just as a spectator. The meet is topped off by the awards ceremony and I am happy to say the boyfriend got a cool 1st place trophy! Hard work pays off! NASA will host the Natural Nationals in OKC February 14th and 15th 2015. Put it on your calendar, it is definitely a sight to see.



Trophies Galore

Trophies Galore

Super strength!

Super strength!

And looked who popped in! Gov. Mary Fallin

And look who popped in! Gov. Mary Fallin