Technology Detox

The technology detox is on the rise. People all over are making a decision to take a hiatus from their smartphones, tablets, and laptops. And I don’t blame them. The constant consumption of images and words can be overwhelming and over time can have a negative effect on a person. Here are a few good reasons to put down your devices.

Rest Your Body

When you take a break from your phone or tablet your neck, shoulders, and eyes will thank you. Most of the time when I find my neck or shoulders hurting I know that it has to do with my posture either at my desk at work or at home scrolling on my couch. Bad posture can give you problems when you have to do day-to-day activities. Your eyes need a break too. If you can’t turn away from your devices, at least turn down the screen resolution.

Reintroduce Yourself

We’ve all been guilty of allowing the daily or weekly social media updates suffice for “keeping up with people”. We sometimes neglect to actually check-in with people we care about. I think it’s necessary to have a balance between scrolling through (at times mindlessly) and reaching out to people to hear their voice. Let’s be real, people tend to display the surface happy stuff and don’t always say how they’re really doing. Pick up your phone and call.

You’re Not Missing Much

FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) is a real thing…for all ages who use social media. I’ve taken several lengthy breaks from social media. I think the longest amount of time I’ve ever been off social media is a little over a year. When I came back, I hadn’t missed a beat. Within a week I was caught up on any weddings, births, and job announcements I missed. You can find out about all the important information some other way outside of social media. If it’s not serious, it becomes one less thing you have occupying your brain. Don’t worry you won’t miss a thing.

Have you taken a social media break before? How long did it last? Comment below!

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3 thoughts on “Technology Detox

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  1. I think the longest I have stayed away from social media was 3 weeks. I’m thinking about doing it again!
    This is the first time I checked out your blog. I should have been here sooner!


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