Seven Days of Self Care

When is the last time you checked in with yourself? When is the last time you’ve asked yourself how you were feeling? Honestly, I don’t participate in enough self care practices. I blame it on too much to do and not enough time. We live in a fast paced society. No matter the pace it is important to slow down and take care of ourselves.

I’ve compiled seven days worth of soul searching and relaxation tips for you.

Day 1 – Faith Connection

Start your week of self care off right. You can attend a church service, a temple, or synagogue you’re familiar with. If you’re not a religious person, consider reading inspirational excerpts from books. Focus on newness and growth. Think about how you want to feel when your week of self care is over. Do you want to feel hopeful? How about loved? Find your goal for the week.

Day 2 – Meditation/Visualization

Going on a week long meditation retreat sounds great, but it’s not necessarily that simple. Instead, set aside 30 minutes of your day to touch base with your thoughts and emotions. Don’t have 30 minutes? Fifteen will work. It’s all about breathing in positive energy and releasing the negative. Take time to imagine the life you want to have. When you’re done spending that time connecting with yourself you will be way more focused.

Day 3 – Get Active

Working up a sweat is a great way to produce feel good endorphins. If you’re not an active person, don’t overload yourself. Choose a simple, low impact activity to get your body moving. Maybe go to the local park and walk. If a walk seems boring, go to the zoo and get your steps in while looking at the animals. If you’re already pretty active, pick something new to do. Try a pilates class or go to the batting cages.

Seven Days of Self Care
Seven Days of Self Care

Day 4 – De-clutter

Don’t think of decluttering as beginning a massive project that you might abandon 30 minutes in. Keep it simple and find one area of your home that needs tidying. Your bedroom, office, bathroom, or a closet in one of those rooms are all good choices. Before you start, make sure you have a game plan. Consider making piles for Keep, Throw Away, or Donate. Also give yourself a time limit, like 60 minutes. Get as much done within that time limit and then move on. Don’t forget your car as a decluttering option.

Day 5 – Journal

Sometimes you have to get all your random, and at times wild, thoughts out. You don’t have to go out to the wilderness and scream at the top of your lungs. But you can scribble your thoughts down. When you’re ready, read your words out loud. Maybe reading back your thoughts will help you organize your mind.

Day 6 – Spa Day

Call up one of your friends and hit up the nail salon. Allow yourself to be catered to by professionals. Relax and catch up with your friends. Laughing and having fun with someone whose company you enjoy will do wonders for your spirit. If you can’t meet up with a friend or can’t afford to splurge at the nail salon you can create a spa at home. Polish your fingernails and toenails in your favorite color. Run a warm bubble bath. Enjoy a glass of wine. Get comfortable and treat yo’ self!

Day 7 – New Experiences

As you wrap up your week of self care it’s time to do something with your new found positive vibes. Try new experiences. You don’t have to go sky diving or zip-lining to, unless that is your thing. Consider stopping by a new happening bar. Or attend a coworkers barbecue on Saturday. Be confident and step outside your comfort zone. After a week of tapping into who you are, you will be grounded and sure of yourself in new settings.

This post is all about taking time each day to give ourselves some love. I encourage you to participate everyday. I definitely will!

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