Biggest Blog(ger) Mistakes

So you started a blog.  Things were great at first, but somewhere along the way your blog views fell.  Traffic to your blog slowed greatly.  Don’t worry.  This is common for most bloggers.  Driving traffic to your blog can be difficult.  Finding blog post inspiration can be difficult.  Also, figuring out what works best to achieve consistent blog growth can seem hard to figure out. Overcome these blogging mistakes now!

  • No Consistency
    • This is a major issue if you’re not seeing growth in your number of blog views.  It is very hard to obtain and keep an audience if you’re not consistent with the frequency of your posts or the content.  Make a list of key topics/subjects you want your blog to center around.  Then stick to writing about those things.
  • No Planning
    • Not planning your blog posts out can slow down production.  This goes hand-and-hand with consistency.  Make sure to plan out everything.  From content, titles, and to photos/images used.  Grab a calendar and schedule when you’re going to work on your blog posts and also when you are going to upload your posts.
  • No Flexibility
    • If you find yourself running out of blog posts ideas maybe consider diversifying your blog posts.  For example, if you have a food blog but haven’t cooked or baked anything in some time consider doing a blog post about your favorite childhood dish, or a dish you can’t wait to make.  Also use search engines to see what people are searching for within your blog topic.

These tools should help your blog grow.  Remember it’s important to be consistent, plan ahead, and be flexible.

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