Best Questions To Ask Before Starting a Blog

You wanted to create a blog so you hit the ground running. After the initial excitement of beginning wears off, you realize you don’t really know where to exactly begin or if you can keep it going once you start. It’s not as difficult as it seems and the most important thing is to begin with a good foundation. Ask yourself a few necessary questions to get your blog up and running.

What Do You Want To Write About? Define Your Passion.

This is the most obvious question to ask yourself before beginning. Think about what you were doing when you were inspired to start a blog. Maybe you were watching a home decorating show? Or maybe scrolling through hundreds of photos of food on social media? Maybe you’ve always had a desire to share your viewpoint on life, love, politics, and more with others? Write down your inspiration and create several blog post ideas.

Don’t worry about being “unique”. You won’t reinvent the wheel. However, the point of a blog is to share your own point of view. Put your personal flare on a topic.

Common Mistakes Bloggers Make

What’s Your Aesthetic?

Just because you can get eyes on your blog doesn’t mean you can keep them there. You want readers to look at your other posts. People coming to your page and then leaving without reading other posts effects your bounce rate. Your bounce rate is basically how often readers only read one particular post and then leave.

Take the time to glance over several blogs within your niche and see how it feels when you scroll and click through. Write down what you like, even if it seems insignificant. Also write down things that you don’t like. Play around with different ideas. You don’t have to get too attached to a style. All blogs that have been around long enough go through aesthetic changes. Make good content but make sure your blog looks good too.

5 Organizing Life Hacks For Your Blog

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How Often Will You Post?

When you first get your blog rolling you may feel like getting everything out of your head all at once. However, it’s good to brainstorm ideas and create a schedule to work on those ideas.

Set aside time just for photos and graphics. Set aside time specifically for writing your content. Then pull it all together. Blog hubs, like WordPress, allow you to schedule posts ahead which can be helpful at allowing you time to create new content in between posts.

How To Start A Profitable Blog

You’re going to have hiccups when you start a blog. Honestly, you will have a hiccup from time-to-time years later. A good foundation makes things so much smoother. When you run into issues you can always fall back on your foundation.

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Biggest Blogging Misconceptions

Easy Blog Post Ideas


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