Benefits Of Waking Up Early

For most the sheer thought of crawling out of bed before you absolutely have to is horrifying.  Think about it.  Why would anyone in their right mind want to rise (sometimes before the sun) to begin their day?  Actually there are many people who do it.  Not only do they kill it, but it’s a big key to their success. (2)

  • Feeling of Conquest
    • I’m sure you’ve heard the saying the hardest part of working out is making it to the gym.  The same goes for attacking your day right away.  There are many tasks you could put off for later.  But, there is nothing better than checking things off the To Do list as soon as possible. Remember, the hardest part is starting. Quick tip: Make sure to set your alarm the night before.  And plan for exactly how much time you will allow to work on each task.
  • Less Distraction
    • “Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.”  That statement doesn’t have to relate only to Christmas stories.  If you’re one of the first to get up, the likelihood of others stealing your attention is minimal.  Less commotion means more work accomplished. Quick tip: Don’t turn on the television until your tasks are complete.
  • Deserved Free Time
    • Once the important things are taken care of the rest of the day should be smooth sailing.  Taking care of things of importance earlier in your day will free up time later.  You can spend time with your spouse, or boyfriend/girlfriend, or kids, without worrying about all the things you didn’t get completed.  Quick tip: Make the first half of your day top heavy with the most important task(s).

Use these reasons to motivate you to be the early bird! Crush your day before the chance passes.

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