5 Essential Travel Tips for Curls


It can be difficult to choose which curly hair products to include in your luggage. Your best bet is to keep it simple and only bring the essentials for your hair. The two items that I think are a must-have for curls is a good conditioner and a nice gel. Grab your go-to conditioner and gel and you should be covered for your travels.


If your travel plans include going abroad, you may want to consider bringing along an adapter to ensure that you can use your styling tools. Obviously, you can use an adapter for more than plugging in your hair dryer.


Having a scarf or hat handy can prove useful in several ways. You can wear them when you’re on the plane or train. They can also add versatility to your wardrobe. If you’re traveling somewhere sunny (ex. a beach), a hat or scarf can protect your tendrils from the damaging UV rays and protect your hair from the drying salt water.


Take my word for it. Traveling is not the time to try a new hairstyle. The last thing you want to do is be somewhere far from home and feeling miserable because your hair is giving you the blues and distracting you from having fun. If you want your hair out of your way, opt for a protective style that you’ve worn before and are familiar with (ex. braids or twists). If protective styles aren’t your thing, before you set off on your travels try several style options in the mirror so you know ahead of time what looks good on you.


Most hotels have a hair dryer available, while some locations don’t provide one. If you want to bring your own hair dryer there are several options out there that allow you to bring a hair dryer and not have to sacrifice space in your luggage.

Hair dryers with folding handles are on the rise. There are several options available, varying from inexpensive to quite pricey. I think for the sake of travel it’s a good idea to purchase a travel hair dryer that lands somewhere in the middle on the price scale.

All curly girls know about the diffuser. A diffuser allows the warm or cold air from the hair dryer to fully circulate around the curl. Most diffusers are big, plastic, and unfortunately bulky. Don’t worry, there are travel-friendly options that collapse to allow for easy storage. So, if you’re use to using a diffuser at home, you don’t have to be without it on the road.

Don’t stress over curly hair care while traveling. Utilize these simple travel tips for curly hair and worry less. Check out a few more of my travel tips below!

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