Fab Five March

March is here! Bring on the sunny days and blooming flowers. I am ready to shed the bulky sweaters and the knee high boots. I’ve compiled a list of the things that I have been using and/or enjoying to help the transition from cold drab days-to-warm sunny days.

Lucky Daye

Lucky Daye LP Painted 2019
Lucky Daye “Painted”

So I’m kind of late to the party on this one. The first song I heard from Lucky Daye (real name David Brown) was Roll Some Mo. However, it wasn’t until early this year that I decided to see what other music he had to offer. I listened to his album, “Painted”, and was impressed. He is very R&B while also remaining current with his sound and the beats he uses. My favorite songs from him are Real Games, Floods, and Try Your Fire.

Too Faced Just Peachy Eye Shadow Palette

Too Faced Just Peachy Palette
photo via yahoo.com

I’m not 100 percent sure, but I believe I’ve mentioned this palette before. The Too Faced Just Peachy Palette is my go-to for everyday use. It’s also my go-to palette for when I’m trying to do a lil’ extra with my look. The colors are very pigmented, so a little goes a long way. There’s a bonus with this palette. It smells really good. I’ve had it for nearly two years and the peachy scent is still present.


Holmes Ultrasonic Cylinder Humidifier
photo via target.com

I’ve wanted a humidifier for years. They are great if you are constantly in an area with central heat and air blowing. Humidifiers add moisture to the air which is helpful to combat dry skin and minimize the growth of bacteria. We didn’t do much research on the humidifiers prior to purchasing. While shopping at Target we decided on this Holmes Ultrasonic Humidifier that was less than $50! It was easy to set up. It is easy to use. It’s also whisper quiet. This has helped so much at keeping my skin, especially my face, from drying and becoming flaky. We’ve used ours for about 6 weeks and we love it!

Starbucks Chai Tea Latte

I’ve mentioned chai tea in one of my previous Fab Fives, but those were at-home brewing teas. Starbucks takes the tea a bit further and adds steamed milk (that’s the latte part). Although, I broke up with dairy quite some time ago this drink doesn’t bother my stomach. Maybe they don’t add too much milk to it so that might be the reason. I’m not a big fan of ginger but it compliments the black tea and cinnamon perfectly in this drink. I have yet to try the iced version of this drink. Have you?

Abstract Jesus Tee by WRLDINVSV

Abstract Jesus Tee
photo via wrldinvsn.com

I stumbled across the New Orleans based company, WRLDINVSN, late 2019. They are a company started by two young men looking to create street wear for themselves and their peers. The Abstract Jesus Tee is super cool! The tee comes in different colors, but the multi-color on the black backdrop is my favorite. I ordered a shirt when they were doing a free shipping promotion. I was worried the shirt wouldn’t be comfortable (that’s one of my complaints with t-shirts). As soon as I got it out of the package I knew it was good quality. I don’t regret my purchase. The tee is comfy and stylish.

Those were some of my favorite things so far this year. Are a few of these your favorites? Let me know!

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