Gym Bag Essentials

I don’t need much to get my workout on. However, the few things that I must have with me are crucial to aiding me in my workouts.


The workout simply isn’t the same if I don’t have my headphones and a good upbeat playlist. I make sure to have a playlist ready and quality headphones. If I’m not in the mood for music, I’ll listen to a podcast while doing cardio.

Old Navy Workout Leggings

I mentioned these leggings in my Winter Favorites Youtube video. They are my favorite workout leggings. If you’re looking for soft, durable, and squat-proof leggings, these are the ones for you. A bonus to grabbing a pair of these is that they are super affordable.


I was training for a 5k last year and needed a new pair of shoes that were light-weight and durable. These Nike Flex TR7’s are the best workout shoes that I’ve ever owned.
I have a tendency to wear a shoe until it’s completely worn out. These shoes are well made and feel like they should last me a long time.

Clean&Clear Morning Burst Facial Cleanser

This facial cleanser is perfect for clean post-workout skin. The round scrubbers help to exfoliate the skin. The fresh citrus scent wakes me up. The cleanser leaves my face clean, smooth, and soft.

I have to have these items when working out. Here are a a few more helpful tips


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