How To Be A Good (Couch-Surfing) Guest

Hotels, Air BnB, and hostels can quickly eat up a travel budget. One of the best ways to save coins while traveling is by staying with someone. This is where family, friends, and even casual, yet super helpful, acquaintances can come in handy. If someone offers you the opportunity to crash at their home, please make sure you are the best guest you can possibly be. Here are a few tips to help you do exactly that.

Set Your Alarm

Your host may insist that you sleep in. They want you to be comfortable and to enjoy your stay. However, I believe it’s better to be up-and-at ’em early. When you’re crashing at someone’s house you don’t want to be in the way…period. If you have plans set with your host, be up, ready, and out of the way so they can get ready too. If you have plans that don’t involve your host, get up and out the door as soon as you can. That way they can go about their day without waiting to see what you have going on.

Don’t Make A Mess

Whether you’re sleeping on the couch in the living room, staying in a guest room, or temporarily in the pool house, keep the space you’re residing in tidy. It doesn’t matter what the conditions were when you arrived, make sure the situation isn’t worse when you leave. That means keep your clothes and additional items neat. This tip is especially important if you’re sleeping on a couch in someone’s living room. No one wants their main living space to look like a college dorm room.

Be Mindful of Personal Hygiene

This should go without saying. But I had to put it on the list. Everyone has their own ideas on personal hygiene. However, when in doubt go with the standard when couch surfing. Shower, brush your teeth, and wear clean clothes. Most hosts have no problem letting you use their bathroom to take care of yourself. So don’t be shy. USE IT. If you forget your toothpaste or soap I’m sure your host would be happy to let you use theirs. Believe me.

Don’t Be Needy

My previous tip leads me to this last one. Although your host may happily oblige you when it comes to certain things, don’t take advantage of their hospitality. To ensure you don’t need anything, make sure you pack all your essentials before you set off on your travels. Of course, there will be times when you run out of things. In those moments just ask your host where the nearest store or market is so you can replenish your necessities. By the way, always remember that Amazon Prime is a lifesaver and they can deliver items to your location in little-to-no time.

I hope you found these tips to be helpful when couch surfing during your travels. Make sure to pass them along to any fellow travelers!


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