What to Pack for a Day Trip

Here are a few simple tips to help you pack for a day trip.  Hopefully, these help you focus less on packing your bags and more on packing as much fun into 24 hours!

  • Use Complimentary Items

If your day trip involves staying at a hotel, take advantage of the complimentary hygiene items that are in the bathroom.  Save some room in your overnight bag and use what’s available in your hotel room.  That includes the soaps, lotions, conditioner, and shampoo.  Several brands that we see on the shelves at our local stores make hygiene products specially packaged for hotels.  Of course this requires checking out the room details to see what comes with the room before booking.

  • Sleep Tight

Keep it simple when packing clothes to wear to bed.  Leave the robes and fuzzy slippers at home.  Instead, bring a cheap pair of flip-slops (you can find pairs as low as $1 at some stores).  You can use them to walk around your hotel room and even to shower in. If you insist on having something warm on your feet, pack those fuzzy socks your aunt gifted you last Christmas (they may not be stylish but they can come in handy).

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  • Simple Shoes

Anytime I travel I find that shoes take up the most space in my luggage.  For a quick day trip decide what shoes are the most comfortable and versatile, then build your outfit(s) around that pair of shoes.  If you’re going to a nice event later in the evening and plan to get dressed up you might need a second pair of shoes.  Choose what’s comfortable!  Don’t bring several different options.  Do the shoes go with what you plan to where?  Are they comfortable?  Boom! It’s that simple.  Always choose comfort over style and you’ll have more fun!

  • Downsize Accessories + Makeup

You’ll be away for less than 24 hours…don’t pack the kitchen sink.  Before you head to your destination wash your face, moisturize your face, and only put the essential products on your face.  Like I mentioned in my beauty tips for travel post, if you have a favorite makeup product bring it. If you have a favorite hair product bring it!  But everything you own can’t be your favorite.  To help yourself out, plan for the “fresh-faced look” or “natural look”.  Also,  the less jewelry you bring the less you have to keep track of while away from home.  Choose versatile pieces.

Day trips are supposed to be a quick escape from the ordinary. Don’t be bogged down with unnecessary things. Pack light and enjoy yourself!

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