5 Important Things I Learned This Year

Well, well, well…we made it! It’s such a blessing to see the end of a calendar year. Instead of my usual Fab Five, where I share with you randomness about what I’m liking at the moment, I thought I would share with you some nuggets of wisdom that I learned this year. Hopefully, they hit home with you.

  • A Closed Mouth Won’t Get Fed

I made a goal this year to branch out and begin my professional writing career. I’m saying this loosely because I still have a normal 8-5 job, but I did begin freelance writing for a local magazine this year. I would have never got that opportunity if I hadn’t reached out to the editor. Although putting myself out there was intimidating at first, it was exactly what I needed to do.

  • Choose Who You Want To Be Daily

There’s a saying (which I am likely going to butcher but…) that goes,

“Imagine the woman you want to be, and start showing up as her.”


That saying never meant much to me until one night I thought about a lipstick that I liked and I wondered why I didn’t wear it more. Then I realized I was missing out on opportunities daily to be the woman wearing the red lipstick or the cute dress. I was going to work day in and day out looking and feeling the same way. Drab. As if I needed permission to be bold and present. So, I started wearing the lipstick. I started owning the fact that I do have a hobby (for years I wouldn’t dare tell a coworker I am a blogger). I began owning the fact that I do workout and try (emphasis on try) to eat right. There’s no reason to dim my light. The woman I always imagined myself to be is ME.

  • You Can Begin Again Each Day

The one thing I thank God for daily is mercy. We’re all human and capable of mistakes. I make mistakes all the time. The important thing is realizing faults and making an effort to not make the same mistakes. Sometimes it’s not even mistakes. Many times it’s bad habits that are hard to break. But each day is a blessing. Each day is another opportunity to get it right.

  • I Need My Friends

I had several moments this year where I found myself feeling incredibly lonely. My husband is my best friend, but we can’t be under each other every free hour of the day. Besides there are topics that would be easier and more fun to talk about with friends. Also, I realized that making friends in adulthood is not easy. It’s actually very difficult. Between work, family, hobbies, and simply trying to catch a nap, finding time can be difficult. But it’s so worth it. So if you have people you know you click with, than you should be with those people. Making time and putting more effort into my friendships in 2020 is a goal of mine.

  • Mind Your Paper

The wonderful Beyonce said,

“Always be gracious, the best revenge is your paper.”

lyric from Formation – Beyonce

That line doesn’t necessarily sum up the point I want to make but lately anytime I think of money that is the first thing that comes to mind. My husband, David, and I have been on a journey to financial wellness. We did out best to stay focused on our goals this year. It wasn’t easy, but it was necessary in order for us to grow. Neither of us come from much, so we had to teach ourselves a lot about financial discipline. Our efforts this year have helped us so much and we’re beginning new financial goals for 2020. Mindset is the key to changing your finances.

Those were the 5 Important Things I Learned This Year. I hope they made you reflect a little on your year and lessons you’ve learned. Feel free to share a few lessons below in the comments. Thanks for reading and have a Happy New Year!


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