New Era Fine Fermentations Restaurant Review

David and I are trying to break away from our usual places and try new things. My father-in-law gave us a gift certificate for breakfast or brunch at New Era Fine Fermentations. We took this as a great opportunity to try a new Tulsa restaurant.


321 S. Frankfort Ave. Tulsa, OK

The New Era Fine Fermentations restaurant is located in the Blue Dome District in downtown Tulsa. It is in the building called “The Dock”. It doesn’t look like much during the daytime. However, I am sure the building is very pleasing to the eye in the evening hours when the warm lighting illuminates the space. It looks somewhat small inside but doesn’t feel like it. With large windows and tall ceilings the location has a very open feel to it. The bar greets you as you enter. There are several options for seating. The area to order your food is to the left of the bar and is an open kitchen where you can watch your food being prepared.


New Era Fine Fermentations restaurant, also known as NEFF, is proudly a gluten free restaurant and bar. This is a big win for people who have a gluten sensitivity. David and I do not have a gluten sensitivity but we were open to trying the food anyway. Don’t expect a stiff scotch or a fruity mixed drink. The bar only carries gluten free beer. The beer selection has a range from blonde ales to dark stouts with a cool array of names accompanying them.


David had the lemonberry pancakes with a side of bacon. I had the chicken & waffles. The food arrived in a reasonable amount of time. The lemonberry pancakes were a good size. However, David was not impressed with his order. He felt the pancakes were good but the flavor of the actual pancake minus the lemons and berries wasn’t flavorful. We both felt the bacon was tasty. I liked my chicken & waffles, but I always feel a little cheated when I end up receiving chicken strips for my chicken portion. I would have preferred a big, meaty fried chicken breast. The waffle was good, but I didn’t like the fact that I had to use pre-packaged syrup. The bright side of all of this is the menu is gluten free. So for a gluten free meal, I think the food was overall good. Although we didn’t try any of the beers available, the customers who were partaking in them seemed to enjoy what they were having.


One of the things that really impressed me was the customer service of the owner. He greeted us, walked us through the ordering process, and then spoke with us briefly when we were finished with our meal. I think it is a good space for those who want to hang out and eat downtown but prefer gluten free food.

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