How To Avoid Travel Burnout

I know you’ve seen the social media influencers and personalities who seem to travel for a living. I’m sure if you were to ask those people they would tell you that travel burnout is a real thing. One day you’re tired of the airports, tired of highways, and tired of waking up in hotel rooms. Even the most experienced travelers have to take a break. Here are a few tips to help you not lose your travel bug.

Space out your trips

I think this is the most obvious tip to help you avoid travel burnout. When you’re having so much fun during your travels, you never want it to end. So what do you do? You start planning another adventure. Followed by another. And if you travel for a living, then there is always trip on the horizon. Make sure you take a break from the hustle and bustle of travel, because there is a lot of moving parts that go into it. Those moving parts can add stress to your life. Carve out time in your schedule to simply stay put in a place you call home.

Switch up your itinerary

It’s easy to gravitate to what you know even in unfamiliar places. If you find yourself visiting the same types of restaurants or only sticking with the tourists traps, switch up your itinerary. Make a conscious decision to fit something new into your travel itinerary. Search social media for the spots the locals go. Go to a local restaurant that is not apart of a chain. Go to a boutique for clothing souvenirs. Get the true local feel for the place.

Find a new travel buddy

If you are accustomed to travelling alone finding a travel buddy can make things interesting. Make sure your travel style and personalities are compatible before hitting the road together. If you always travel with the same person, think of travelling with someone else. This would be a great opportunity for a trip with a family member or a friend you haven’t spent as much time with lately. Take this time to create memories.

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