Fellow Okie – Jaleccia Ates

I’ve always admired photographers. There is so much power in capturing a moment in time. It’s like finding a rare diamond. There’s also a bit of fragility to the action. If not handled with care the moment is gone forever. A good photographer seizes those fleeting moments and creates keepsakes that last forever.

I only know the awesome Jaleccia Ates through social media. However, I can tell, even with knowing very little about her, photography is her passion. It is a passion that has grown into her business.

What’s your name? Jaleccia Ates

What is the name of your blog/website? Jaleccia Ates Photography, http://www.jalecciaatesphoto.com

What city in Oklahoma do you call home? Oklahoma City

What’s your favorite thing about Oklahoma? I would say that my favorite things about Oklahoma are the hidden gems such as the Wichita Mountains, Little Sahara, and Little Niagara. Beautiful places to capture beautiful images of my couples.

Compared to other places you’ve traveled, what stands out most about Oklahoma? I would say the genuinely nice people. More often than not, you’ll find someone helping someone else in this state. It’s a beautiful thing to see.

Tell me a little bit about your love for photography? Memories have always been a big passion of mine! Since I was a young girl, I would always collect pictures, scrapbook, I always had a disposable camera with me taking pictures everywhere. It’s just something that I did. Or was I probably should say. When I started professionally, I started shooting everything, from families to seniors to weddings. Whoever would allow me the opportunity, I was capturing them. I discovered my love for wedding photography about a year in, and wedding photography became my niche. I love it!

photo courtesy: Jaleccia Ates Photography

Where do you find inspiration for your photographs setups and locations? My inspiration comes from the love stories I’m so blessed to hear from my couples. Being a wedding photographer and detail oriented, I get the opportunity to hear many unique love stories and use the details of the stories within their sessions. For instance, I had one couple who mentioned that when they met, she (the bride) offered him (the groom) cookies as a token of her friendship and that’s where their story began. Knowing that, we incorporated cookies and milk in their session and it was the absolute cutest and meant a lot to them, which is the most important factor.

photo courtesy: Jaleccia Ates Photography

How can people contact you? They can inquire through my website,
http://www.jalecciaatesphoto.com. They can also find me on Facebook and Instagram at JalecciaAtesPhoto.

photo courtesy: Jaleccia Ates Photography

Don’t shoot what it looks like. Shoot what it feels like.

David Alan Harvey – shootdotedit.com

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