Fabulous New You Conference!! Get Yo Life!

Have you ever just been in a funk? You know…feeling like you need a change. You start to feeling like there has to be more that you could be doing with your life. I can relate all too well to that feeling (hence the creation of this blog). The universe has a way of pushing or pulling you into the next stage of your life and if you refuse to move forward you might find yourself thinking about the “Would’ve, Should’ve, Could’ve” lol. Sometimes you need a kick in the butt to kick start (no pun intended lol) the change in your life. On March 20th I attended the Fabulous New You Conference hosted by Aprille Franks-Hunt of Women Recharged. I must say I had a great time. Here’s a little tiny scoop on the event…

The ballroom was very festive yet professional
The ballroom was very festive yet professional

The event was hosted by Aprille Franks-Hunt the CEO of Women Recharged. The conference took place at the Sheraton Hotel in downtown Oklahoma City. Although it was a two day event I only could afford (time wise) to go one day. One nice little sprinkle from heaven was the opportunity for me to run into a former classmate Ceanti, who happened to be working the event as part of the Glam Squad (yes very chic). You should remember Ms. Ceanti, she is one of my Fellow Okies and you can find the interview/questionnaire that she did for me here.

A plethora of knowledgeable speakers
A plethora of knowledgeable speakers

To start off with there was so much energy in the room. All of the speakers present brought something unique to the stage. They were from different walks of life and had there own stories to share. My personal favorite was talking to young and talented entrepreneur Margo from Honestly Margo. She was 12 years old when she began her business and is now 14 years old balancing school, running her own business and all the typical things a teenager has to do. I purchased one of her lip balms and I must say that I was very impressed with the product. Simple, natural ingredients…what more could you need?

The financial seminar was very insightful.
The financial seminar was very insightful.

The topics discussed were sure to hit home with you somewhere in your life. Personal image, staying motivated, financial planning, finding a Youtube presence and even romantic relationships were discussed. I left feeling like I had affirmation that pursuing my goals and dreams was possible…and necessary. It was so awesome and I’m sure they will have it again next year so look out for it. And it is not just for women, bring your boo too. I’ll leave you with a quote that I love from the conference from Ms. Margo herself.

“Put your hater blockers on”.

If these pictures are not enough feel free to watch the vlog of this trip here –> https://youtu.be/31yAUBgn-NE

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