Chasing waterfalls…trip to Turner Falls in Davis, OK

One of the reasons I began this blog was to not only highlight my own state but also to give myself an opportunity to learn more about Oklahoma.  This Friday I  finally visited Turner Falls located in Davis, OK. It was sometime last year that my boyfriend told me that we had waterfalls close to home.  I knew I had to stop by and see it for myself.

Here’s a lil bit of back story on the location.  A man named Mazappa Thomas Turner married a  local Chickasaw woman and moved to the area. He became a farmer and discovered the waterfall near his land. The city of Davis later purchased the land from the Turner family and helped turn it into the tourist area it is today.20150313_12232220150313_121950The 1500 acre  area is located between the Arbuckle Mountains.  The area has scenic hiking trails, rock castles, picnic areas, RV hookups, swimming pools and of course the 77-foot waterfall.  Even though it was raining at the time of our visit we were still overtaken by the view. There is so much to see. It was very peaceful. The location is open year round, but the most popular time is obviously the summer months. You can find more information on the website


The size of David compared to the waterfall
The size of David compared to the waterfall


Picture time!
Picture time!


A lil rain never hurt nobody
A lil rain never hurt nobody

O I almost forgot! A lil ways up the road from Seminole Oklahoma is a small town named Bowlegs. Yep Bowlegs Oklahoma lol, it’s funny the things you run into while traveling.

I hope you enjoyed the post. Have you visited Turner Falls?

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