Fall Color Trends

Wondering what to wear this fall season.  Allow me to give you some color trends that are popping for Fall 2018!


yellow fall clothes

Yellow isn’t the first color I think of when I think of fall.  But the right shade of yellow can remind you of beautiful autumn sunsets.


orange fall clothes

Orange is one of the best warming colors for fall.  It is vibrant but also rich at the same time.  If black seems a little too Halloween, pair orange with brown, or burgundy.

Olive Green

olive green fall clothes

Green is one of my favorite colors.  So olive green is definitely added to my wardrobe for the fall season.  If wearing a solid olive green is not your thing, consider wearing an army fatigue jacket or pants.

Cherry Red

cherry red fall clothes

It’s hard to find a color that screams romance more than red.  Romance is good all year round, right?  So why not throw a little romantic cherry red into your fall look-book?

Fuchsia Pink

fuchsia pink fall clothes

Fuchsia pink adds that little unexpected pop of color to any outfit.  A pink blazer or knitted cap can help you stand out on those gloomy fall days.  Fuchsia pink is especially cute paired with black.

Cobalt Blue

cobalt blue fall clothes

The cool and crisp color of Cobalt blue can help tie your fall outfit together.  If the vibrant look of cobalt doesn’t entice you, than opt for a navy blue.  As long as the color is deep and rich.

Check out my Fall Favorites video to see what I’m loving this fall!


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