Fab Five

These are a few things that have either been on my mind or heart lately.  Of course, I want to share them with you on this lovely Friday!

Zoning Out To Music


A large majority of my teenage years were spent alone in my room, listening to music.  I don’t know exactly what song started my love for music, but I’m sure my enjoyment of music came from wanting to know what the hot new song playing on the radio was (hey, we all want to be “hip” when we’re young).  I just know that once I got into music–I was all in!  I would record music from the radio (shout out to Fresh Jamz 105.3), I would order music from Columbia House (I think I still owe them money), and I would beg my mom to buy a cassette for me from the store (Yes, I said cassette).  With my earphones on I would jam out for HOURS.  In my own world.  Thinking about life.  Processing hurt, frustration, and of course love. Still to this day I find so much peace when I’m fully engulfed in a song.



I mentioned above that I like zoning out to music alone.  Well,  I also like listening to(sometimes watching) podcasts alone.  The type of podcasts I like don’t vary much.  Most of the ones I listen to are by comedians.  FS1’s show, Undisputed, is the exception to that.  If I want to get caught up on interesting developments in sports (mainly basketball and football)  I listen to this podcast.

Blooming Relationship

momand daughter

My mother and I have not always had the best relationship.  I have no problem admitting that.  There was a lot of resentment for many years.  There was a lot of miscommunication that often lead to misunderstanding.  I was black-and-white while my mother was operating in the grey.  Now that I’ve grown older and had my own experiences in life I’ve been able to see things clearer and I am able to approach things with less judgment.  She has opened up more, and become more loving.  She’s always been supportive, but now she’s openly supportive.  It has been great!

The Show Must Go On


Game of Thrones, Pirates of The Caribbean, etc., are just a few of the series that I love to watch.  Now series don’t always stay strong and entertaining.  Some of them begin to fall short of expectations and interest begins to wane (ex. Jurassic Park).  If a television show or movie series can grasp my attention and keep it, then I’m all in.

My Hubby

Image: Colormyfootsteps

My husband, David, and I recently celebrated our three-year anniversary.  Time flies so fast!  I honestly can’t imagine my life without him.  The beginning of 1 Corinthians 3: 4 says “Love is patient, love is kind”.  That is very true.  Marriage take patience.  Marriage also takes interacting with one another with kindness.  But most importantly it’s important to remember that everything you do–you do with love.  Growing as individuals and also as a couple has been a blessing.


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