Fab Five

Five of my favorite things once again!


Self Realization

If you’re around someone long enough it is inevitable for you to find something that you dislike about that person.  A lot of the times it’s simply nitpicking.  I can be merciless when it comes to nitpicking.  However, I realize this and flat-out know that it comes down to being judgemental.  I’m slowly working on me y’all.  Sloooowly, lol.


Issa Rae

Jo-Issa Rae Diop is my sister and friend inside my head.  I love her creative tenacity.  She’s simply DOING IT HUNTY! I love that she makes content for my demographic.  But the content isn’t just for black women to consume.  Her show, Insecure, is one of the shows my husband and I enjoy to watch together.  Did I mention my hubby is a white male in his 30’s?  You wouldn’t imagine that a show about black women navigating relationships, careers, and self-growth would be interesting to him.  But her content is so compelling and real that it would be difficult for anyone to not enjoy it.

baker mayfield

Baker Mayfield

While I’m talking about tenacity, I have to mention new NFL quarterback (and OU alumni) Baker Mayfield.  Although I am a Green Bay Packers fan, I am cheering for the Cleveland Browns also this football season.  Baker is athletic and skilled. Hopefully he can help to turn around the Cleveland franchise.



Sunrises signify “newness” to me.  The day is what you make it.  Of course you might have to do things you don’t like (ex. class, work, doctor’s appointment, etc.).  But it is truly up to you how you approach these tasks.  Walk into the gift of a new day with a positive attitude.



Self-care can sound selfish to some.  However, if doubters of the importance of self-care would actually took the time to practice some element of self-care they would see how key it is to improving overall well being.  Taking the time to read a book, taking a bubble bath, or writing in a journal.  Choose what makes your spirit soar and gives you peace!




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