Poppin’ Bottles at Pops in Arcadia, OK

This past Sunday me and the Feyonce’ (yes I am aware of my inaccurate spelling lol) decided to visit a Route 66 landmark and treasure, Pops, in Arcadia,Oklahoma. Pops is a cool rest stop located on Highway 66 (of course, lol) and is open 7 days a week. I first heard of Pops last year (I know, I know…and I call myself an Okie). My chance to visit finally came on Sunday and it was worth the trip. Arcadia is a small town with very few interesting things to see, however Pops helps make up for whatever that small town lacks. It’s not a big restaurant/gas station. However, because of the floor to ceiling windows it feels spacious enough. We were seated quickly and the staff was very attentive. The food was good. David (the Feyonce’ mentioned ealier) really enjoyed the “Arcadia Burger” which had additions of bacon and blue cheese. Of course we couldn’t stop at Pops and not look over the large selection of pop (or soda depending on where you’re from). There were so many selections from seven different flavors of lemon pop to interesting flavors like “Pimple Juice”…yes you read that correctly. The options can seem endless. Words alone cannot express how cool this experience was so….you can find the video of this fun time below. Thanks so much for reading. You can find more information about Pops here.


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