Staycation Ideas for Couples

There are times when you simply can’t afford to fly to a romantic location.  Don’t worry you can create your own romance at home.  Here are a few tips for creating your own perfect staycation!

  • DIY At Home Theatre 
    • Create an awesome movie lineup, buy a few of your favorite guilty pleasure snacks, make a big bowl of popcorn, lower the lights, and grab a few blankets.  Voila!
  • Pamper/Spa Day
    • Go to your local LUSH or Bath & Body Works store and find several relaxing or yummy scented bubble baths, lotions, and body creams.  Don’t forget a nice bottle of champagne, a dozen or more chocolate dipped strawberries.  What spa day would be complete without soothing music and massages?  So don’t forget to create a sexy playlist.
  • See a Concert
    • Look up your local concert venues to see what music acts are going to be performing during your staycation.  Since you’re not spending money on travel, you can afford to splurge a little on your concert seats, drinks, or even an outfit.

Hopefully, this guide helps you create an awesome and romantic staycation for you and your significant other.  Choose one or all options and enjoy!


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