Fab Five

Dropping some Fab Five action on you!  Here are a few of the things I’m enjoying so much right now that I have to share!

Satin-lined Hats

photo: via essence.com

As a curly girl, a satin lined winter beanie or hat is vital.  The fabric from most winter beanies and hats can be too harsh when rubbing against coils and curls.  Having satin-lined winter hair garments allow for style, comfort, and functionality.

Crock-pot meals

I love using my crock-pot! I especially love using it during the cold winter months.  My favorite meal to make in it, currently, is chicken & dumplings.  The recipe is super simple and easy.  Using the crock-pot allows me to make yummy, warming, food while not having to linger around the kitchen for hours.

Miguel’s music

War & Leisure album cover

So I’ve been rocking with Miguel for awhile.  He’s like the quirky, free-spirited, talented, kid you went to school with but you were nowhere near cool enough to hang out with.  His songs hit me on a different level than most R&B that is out now.  So far, his third album, Wildheart, is my favorite.

Pentatonix Christmas music

Pentatonix 1st Christmas Album

The acapella group, Pentatonix, recently released their second Christmas album, titled A Pentatonix Christmas.  Their harmonies flow so well together.  They help to usher in the holiday spirit.

Soul Food / Southern Cooking

photo: via southerncooking.com

This is the time of the year for food that sticks to your ribs!  When the cold weather hits, I just want food that warms my body and my soul.  Nothing compares to soul food to me.  When I’m asked my favorite kind of food, soul food is always top of the list.


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