Tulsa Food Tour Part 3 – Sweet Lisa’s Cafe & White River Fish Market

Nothing compares to good home cooking. I’ll say it again. Nothing compares to good home cooking. David and I decided to make sure we added restaurants with some soul to this part of the tour. These restaurants are off the beaten path which makes them more enjoyable, in my opinion. You know, like a secret dining spot.

  • Sweet Lisa’s Cafe – 1717 N Peoria Ave, Tulsa, OK 74106
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One of the places that I’ve heard about for years is Sweet Lisa’s Cafe. The first time I noticed a picture on Facebook I asked, “Where is that”? I knew I had to try some for myself. But time passed and I never seemed to get around to trying this legendary place out. This week my opportunity finally came. The restaurant is located in the Shoppes of Peoria shopping center. When entering you’re greeted politely by the staff and they are ready to assist you in making your dining choices. The ambiance is very laid-back and unassuming. Our food arrived in a timely fashion and smelled so yummy. I ordered the grilled catfish meal, which came with two sides. I ordered the fried green tomatoes and the cabbage. David decided to go with breakfast (which is served all day at Sweet Lisa’s Cafe). He had home fries, scrambled eggs and chicken n biscuits with gravy. David also got a mini pecan pie (which he devoured in two bites, lol). We were not disappointed. I’ll take that back, we were only disappointed in ourselves for not trying this place sooner. If you’re looking for a meal to hit the spot, with a little touch of home, then you definitely should try this place.

photo: Colormyfootsteps
  • White River Fish Market – 1708 N Sheridan Rd, Tulsa, OK 74115
photo: Colormyfootsteps

If you’re on the North side of Tulsa, OK and you’re looking for a good seafood restaurant look no further than White River Fish Market. The first time I visited this place I was blown away by how tasty the food was. This was David’s first time and he was not prepared for the array of seafood he would find available to order. The White River Fish Market has been around for over 75 years. I don’t have to tell you that you don’t make it that long in the restaurant business without serving delicious food and providing good service. When we hopped in line a couple that came in after us began to tell us what they usually order, in hopes of helping us decide on what to get. They were very helpful. David ordered a bowl of gumbo and the swordfish with a side of green beans and potato salad. The gumbo was hot, savory and not too fishy to the taste. I joked that the swordfish looked like a meaty pork chop. David said it was amazing. I also liked the potato salad, because it reminded me of my mom’s potato salad. I ordered the broiled shrimp with a baked potato and side salad. The shrimp were accompanied by a small container of melted butter. Without a doubt this was the best shrimp I had eaten in a long time. The baked potato was average (it came with butter and sour cream). The side salad was also average. We were so full we decided against dessert. However, we probably should have at least got a slice of cheesecake to go. The cool thing about this place is that you can order seafood a la carte without having to buy anything at the restaurant. They have a fully functional seafood counter to make purchases. Another cool thing is that the seating is set up on a first come-first serve basis. That means during the busy lunch hours you could be sitting next to just about anyone. That could allow for some interesting mealtime conversations.

photo: Colormyfootsteps
photo: Colormyfootsteps
photo: Colormyfootsteps

Part 3 of the Tulsa Food Tour was an experience to remember. We were not disappointed or left with empty bellies. If you try any one of these two places you won’t be left with an empty belly either. There was something very off the beaten path about these two places that made me appreciate them more. It was like they just wanted to serve good food without all the frills and gimmicks. Hey, that’s what you should pay for right, GOOD FOOD!

Thanks for reading and make sure you check out Part 1 and Part 2.

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