Tulsa Food Tour Part 2 – Mom’s Family Diner & Tally’s Good Food Cafe

So how these things seem to go is if there is a Part 1 there must be a Part 2 correct? Yep that’s correct. The Tulsa Food Tour continues with stops at a couple of places with good home cooking. The kind of food that keeps your feet planted on the ground. The kind of food you don’t regret. The kind of food that you know for sure you got your money’s worth. Our search for good eats in Tulsa brought us to Mom’s Family Diner and Tally’s Good Food Cafe.

  • Mom’s Family Diner – 4101 S Mingo Rd, Tulsa, OK 74146

Mom’s Family Diner was suggested to David and I by none other than my own mom. She had eaten there numerous times and was always singing its praises. We decided this was a perfect time to give it a shot. We arrived early on a Saturday morning and the place was filling up. We grabbed ourselves a booth and were quickly greeted and offered coffee and water. The place was actually bigger inside than it looks from the outside. There were plenty of tables and booths. There was even a counter for those who prefer to sit on bar stools and watch television while they dine. The atmosphere was very laid back and bright. We ordered our food and chatted for a bit before it arrived. The staff was very attentive to us, making sure our coffee didn’t run low. When our food arrived I was so happy because I knew we were going to get more than our fill. Our food was delicious! We had an array of eggs, pancakes, waffles, hash browns, home fries, ham steak and biscuits with gravy. I believe for our three orders the total was under $40. I without hesitation recommend this place to eat if you’re looking for breakfast.

photo: colormyfootsteps
photo: colormyfootsteps
photo: colormyfootsteps
photo: colormyfootsteps
  • Tally’s Good Food Cafe – 1102 S Yale Ave, Tulsa, OK 74112
photo: yelp

Our second stop of Part 2 took us to an iconic restaurant on Route 66, Tally’s Good Food Cafe. This was my first time having the pleasure of dining at Tally’s. Tally’s opened in 1987 and has been a piece of Tulsa ever since. Tally’s is known for their big entrees and big cinnamon rolls (we’ll get to that later). You can’t miss Tally’s, it’s right on the corner and in the evening hours it is well lit. Upon entering you’re taken back into a 1950’s atmosphere. We sat in a booth and a waitress took our order. I decided on the chicken fried steak dinner (something Tally’s is known for). David chose the Lebanon burger (the owner, Tally Alame, is Lebanese). While waiting for our food we enjoyed the ambiance of the place and jammed out to the music. Our food looked pretty impressive. It had been years since I had chicken fried steak. Tally’s did not disappoint me. Everything tasted great. David really liked his burger and fries. David is not one to pass on dessert, so we ordered the cinnamon roll. The waitress joked as she placed the cinnamon roll in front of us, “You didn’t know what you were getting yourself into did ya”. No ma’m we did not. The cinnamon roll took up the entire to-go box. We were so glad we got it to-go (and I believe our stomachs were too). Our meal came to less than $35. I say for what we ordered that’s a pretty good deal.

photo: colormyfootsteps

After we stuffed ourselves at Tally’s we decided to check out Tulsa’s dedication to Route 66 near downtown Tulsa and Riverside. The flags of each state that are apart of Route 66 are represented at the spot. I recommend stopping by there simply to see it for yourself.

photo: colormyfootsteps
photo: colormyfootsteps

I hope you enjoyed Part 2. You can always check out the video of our dining experience here.

Thanks for reading!

You can find Part 1 of the Tulsa Food Tour here.


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