How To Make The Most of Your 2016!

Hey y’all hey!!

Here we are in the new year and on the verge of completing our first full week of 2016! How’s it going for you so far? Hopefully you have started the New Year off in a good mood. If you are wondering, “How can I make 2016 better than the years before?” than I am here to offer a tad bit of advice.


new year

We’ve all been guilty or we know someone who is guilty of deciding to wait until the New Year to get healthy. Most commercial gyms can’t wait until the New Year because memberships grow rapidly. We start the year out telling ourselves we are ready to make changes. We start a great workout and diet regimen, we do good for about 6 weeks, then life happens (birthday celebrations, office parties, busy home life, etc.) and we falter slightly. We then re-group and get back on track BUT then the winter holidays happen and everything begins rolling down hill. So we tell ourselves that we can begin again in the New Year. It’s a typical cycle. However, the main thing you have to remember is to KEEP GOING.

“Keep Going”

Don’t feel discouraged if you feel like this is a never ending cycle. Don’t feel like you are beginning only to come to a puttering halt soon after. Try to keep things simple. Start with things you know you can do. Try to drink less sugary drinks and more water. Take a few extra steps per day. Try a new exercise class or workout. But most importantly like I said before…keep going. Throughout the year things will come up that can throw you off your health kick but don’t let that discourage you. Just pick up where you left off. Don’t give yourself the opportunity to doubt yourself.

“Don’t give yourself the opportunity to doubt yourself.” 

2. Break Out of Your Comfort Zone


Like I mentioned above, life happens. We all have highs and lows that we deal with throughout the year. Sometimes the highs and lows can make us complacent. That complacency can make life dull and quite frankly boring. I believe we need to stimulate out minds every once and awhile to break up the monotony. Do something new.

“Do something new”

Think about the things that you have put on the back burner to do. I’m not talking about reorganizing the laundry room. I mean deciding to take a salsa class. Or joining a flag football league. You can even go further and plan for a trip to a destination you have always wanted to visit. Give yourself an opportunity to dive into something new and exciting.

“Dive into something new and exciting”

3. Save Some Dough Yo!

money image

In my last point I mentioned planning for a trip. One of the most important things when planning for a trip would be saving money for the trip expenses. Maybe you don’t have a trip in mind, save money for other things that are on your radar that you want to do. Let’s be honest saving money is always important. Sometimes it can be hard to do but it’s something we have to be vigilant at. You can do a quick Google search and find plenty of methods to save money. Of course there is a bank savings account but there are also companies like Smarty Pig that allow you to set goals and set up deposit options to help you manage how much to add to your account, when to add it and when you are going to reach your goal. Make an effort and it will definitely pay off at some point.

“Sometimes it can be hard to do but it’s something we have to be vigilant at.”

4. Figure Out What’s Important

love life

Take a moment to sit alone with your thoughts. Think about what is most important to you. Write it down. Read it aloud. It could be one thing or maybe 5 things. Try to keep the amount of things on your list low so you can really sit back and think about why those things are important to you. If your  significant other is on that list then think of how you can better meet their needs this year. Think about what are their favorite things and what they like to do and make plans to enjoy those things with them. If your career is what it most important to you then think about how you can advance your career. Come up with a plan of action to be a better employee. Take small steps this year to take extra care of the things that matter most to you.

“Come up with a plan of action”

I hope that this year is absolutely great for you. Maybe a few of these things hit home for you. Maybe you already have your own agenda for what you want to accomplish in 2016. If so that is great! Keep going at it y’all. I wish nothing better for you than the best for this New Year.

Enjoy Where You’re At ‘N Where You Be!


2 thoughts on “How To Make The Most of Your 2016!

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  1. Happy New Year!!!! 🙂
    I always get stuck on that “get healthy” resolution….
    I think the key to everything is just keeping it simple 🙂
    Thanks for the great and truthful post!!!


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