My Sugar Sisters Product Review

Sugar Sisters travel set
Sugar Sisters travel set

Scrolling through Instagram one day I came across the Instagram of Oklahoma’s own Sugar Sisters. Of course as soon as I read they were from Oklahoma I had to find out more so I went to their website. I looked through every tab on the website including the bio, and yes they are sisters. I looked through the products they offer and decided on the travel set. I mean it just made sense to try the travel set since I have a travel blog and it would allow me to sample the products without the risk of buying a full size item that I may not like. Alright let’s get down to the nitty-gritty!

What I Ordered

As mentioned above, I ordered the travel set. The travel set is composed of:

  • Full Body Exfoliator Sugar Scrub
  • Body Butter
  • Body Mist

You can choose which scent from their selection that you would like your travel set to come in. Based on the scent descriptions I chose the Birthday Suit scent.


First I should start by saying that I noticed the packing in the initial Instagram photo that I looked at. It caught my eye right away. I think for an upcoming company they made a good choice on the design aspects. Everything is soft and feminine without being juvenile girl-ish (does that make sense?? I hope so). When I opened up my package I got exactly what I expected. The products came in a cute mesh bag with a ribbon closure. The containers were the perfect trial and travel size. Sometimes when purchasing travel items you end up with products you can only get approximately 2 to 3 uses out of. From the first glance I knew based on quantity alone I got my monies worth. For the three 2 ounce containers it was $20 (minus shipping).


Body Mist

  • Sight: I’m not sure if it’s the color of the body mist container or the natural look of the body mist but it was an opaque liquid.
  • Application: I sprayed the body mist on before I left the house for a full day of work.

 Body Mist: The body mist was what I expected. I sprayed it onto a few places, making sure it contacted my skin. There’s not much to say about the feel of it because well… it’s a body mist.

Sugar Scrub
Sugar Scrub

Full Body Exfoliator Sugar Scrub

  • Sight: This was my first time using a sugar scrub. The consistency of the product looked thick but also soft and fluid.
  • Application: I chose to take small amounts of the product in the palm of my hands and rub it onto my body while in the shower.

Full Body Exfoliator Sugar Scrub: This product was softer on my skin than I expected it to be. The sugar scrub felt so good on the areas of my body that are prone to dryness and itching (shoulders, lower back, knees and my feet). I chose to not use another soap along with this product so I could get the full effect of it. I would recommend that you use this after you wash with your preferred soap. The product did leave a somewhat oily residue (it contains grape seed oil, coconut oil, sweet almond oil and meadowfoam seed oil). I believe there was residue because I didn’t thoroughly rinse it off in the shower. So I went back over my body with a damp wash cloth to remove some of the excess oil.

Body Butter...You're my boo
Body Butter…You’re my boo

Body Butter

  • Sight: The body butter appeared very rich and creamy.
  • Application: I applied the body butter to my arms right after I showered (using the sugar scrub).

Body Butter: Out of the three products the body butter is my favorite…for now lol. I tend to stick with the same lotion (Vaseline Aloe Vera), so I’m always a little hesitant to try anything new. Some lotions and butters are too thick and some are too runny and don’t moisturize. This body butter has been perfect. It dissolves easily into my skin. If you remember my birthday blog post my feet have been struggling this winter. I applied the body butter to them post shower and it made my feet super soft and moisturized. It has to be the combination of oils in this product that provide such softness (jojoba oils, hemp oil and borage seed oil).

 Finally to answer the questions you’ve probably been wanting me to finally get to…

How does it smell? I spent the first 20 minutes sniffing and then re-sniffing these products trying to figure that out. The website describes the Birthday Suit scent to have a honeydew and strawberries with a hint of coconut fragrance. After long contemplation it finally hit me…Kool-aid! Yep the scent reminded me of being a kid, when you are making Kool-aid and you rip open the package, pour it in, and you get the first whiff of the powder. In this case it was strawberry Kool-aid lol. Does it last? The fragrance did last most of my day. I think if you’re looking for something strong and robust that will stay noticeable all day then you might need to apply a heavy amount.

That’s it y’all! I encourage you to visit the company website at and see what they have to offer. They have plenty of scents to choose from like Lil’ Black Dress, Common Sutra, Daydreamin’ and Pillow Talk to name a few.

Oklahoma made!
Oklahoma made!

Have you tried any Sugar Sisters products? Did you like them?


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