Celebrate the day…in a simple way.


Hhmmm it’s hard to find a starting point for this blog post.  I don’t know why but I just don’t have anything poetic to say. Not that it isn’t deserving but I guess the truth is I’ve enjoyed my birthday weekend so much that giving it a poetic ending seems well… lame (for the lack of a better word). So I’ll just tell you what I did.

Zoe's freebie
Zoe’s freebie

A coworker and I went to Zoe’s Kitchen on Brookside for lunch on Thursday.  I’ve been to this lil restaurant numerous times and each time I get the same thing,  the shrimp kabobs. The meal is so good and filling. But it’s not a heavy stuffed feeling but more of a delightfully satiated feeling. My coworker told me about the Zoe’s Kitchen app and the frequent freebies they give out. I downloaded the app and sure nuff I got a free cup. If you have a Zoe’s Kitchen in your area  and like or are interested in Mediterranean food I do recommend you try it.

There's nothing to fear but fear itself...
There’s nothing to fear but fear itself…

Ok people please be understanding…I do not like others touching,  groping and/or tickling my feet. That list of don’ts includes massages. As long as I can remember I’ve clipped and painted my own toe nails. For some reason this winter has wrecked havoc on my feet. My feet were struggling y’all lol. So I decided to face my fears and get a pedicure. I stopped by Glamorous Nails on 71st and Sheridan and Ms.Vickie took care of me. I also got a manicure. They also had some very relaxing massage chairs. Cool experience that I will try again.

club volleyball
club volleyball

Saturday morning my boyfriend and I joined my brother and his girlfriend at a volleyball game to watch my brother’s girlfriend’s daughter play. We had a fun time, balls flew, and my boyfriend may have got knocked on the head by a volleyball (*David survived without a concussion). A cool moment happened when I bumped into one of my favorite junior high school teachers,  Mrs. Satterfield! She actually remembered me.

A certain someone enjoyed the massage chair more than I did
A certain someone enjoyed the massage chair more than I did

Once we left the game we decided to waste time at the mall.  We walked around awhile, bought some Pop Rocks candy and reminisced on childhood candies, and then we found the massage chairs. The last few times we visited the mall the chairs were always occupied but we finally scored our chance! Ummm these chairs were not as relaxing for me as the ones at  the nail salon, Ms. Vickie where you at? I actually had to turn my levels down,  but while I was turning mine down the boyfriend was turning his up. He loved it. I guess if he goes missing I know where to check first…the mall massage chairs lol.

Aaliyah was right...age ain't nothing but a number! I feel great!
Aaliyah was right…age ain’t nothing but a number! I feel great!

We worked up an appetite wandering around so we ended the night at Senior Tequila’s on Brookside. This was the first time I had eaten at the Senior Tequila’s at this location.  We were sat closer to the entrance so I didn’t get the full view of the restaurant.  The feel of the place was the same as the one on 71st and Sheridan. Our food was delicious.  Since we decided not to get any alcoholic beverages our bill was less than $20. You can’t beat that for good Mexican food.

My birthday weekend was very nice. It was so relaxing and care free. I received so much love from friends and family. Some times it’s easy to put a lot of pressure on ourselves to go all out for our birthdays, but I think it’s important to simply do what you feel like doing (within reason of course lol). A year older and I feel pretty darn good.


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