June/July Photo Wrap-Up 2016

Hey y'all! So I completely forgot to do a photo wrap-up for June. Since I didn't take many pictures June or so far into July I decided to mash them together. Enjoy!   June kicked off the beginning of summer! I made sure to snack on some summer favorites of mine. I also refused to... Continue Reading →

The Honey Pot at the Tulsa Farmer’s Market

There was a time when a person knew exactly where their food and everyday products came from. With time, things have changed a lot and the consumer is so far removed from the production process of many things they use daily that not knowing the origins of what we use has become second nature. Farmers... Continue Reading →

July Photo Wrap-Up 2015

Hey y'all hey! It seems like we've done this dance already this month...whew how time flies! I hope you enjoy the pictures of me from this bright and hot month. Hope to see you in August. This month has been full of beautiful Sundays. Sunday is a great time to toss on a cute outfit... Continue Reading →

June Photo Wrap-Up 2015

Let me first apologize for being LATE on my Photo Wrap-Up. Please forgive me for my tardiness. June swept by so quickly. So it is finally up now! I hope you enjoy! Thanks again for stopping by the blog. I started off the month right by celebrating a few birthdays of my good friends. One... Continue Reading →

March Photo Wrap-Up 2015

You know what time it is!!! Time to dig into the nooks n crannies of what I got into this month. O March where have thou gone? When I began this month I didn't have much planned but it seems like my schedule sort of took on a life of its own. I hope your... Continue Reading →

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