Let your Geek Flag Fly! Geeking out at Tulsa Comic-Con 2014!


Growing up with brothers that were into all things comic books, super heroes and kung fu movies I have pretty much grown accustomed to  what some may refer to as geeky, childhood fantasy and downright weird stuff. You get older and think you’re over those silly childhood things, then you step into a place like Comic-Con and it all comes back to you. You can almost taste the Fruit Stripe gum on your tongue… as it quickly begins to lose its flavor. The event was held at the Cox Business Center in downtown Tulsa.  I entered the convention feeling a little on the anxious side but curious all the same. The convention was slowly filling up when I arrived.  The staff on hand were very attentive and were eager to help you find what you were looking for as well as doing their best to keep things running smooth.



There were numerous booths setup displaying artwork and memorabilia,  most of which was for sale.  I wandered aimlessly through the aisles trying to see as much I could of what was offered.



Clothing,  action figures, replicas, pictures and light sabers (and yes I said light sabers, think of that what you will lol) were all available for purchase. I had a $20 burning a hole in my pocket but I tamed that beast for another day.

I wasn't supposed to but I just had to get a picture of Lou Ferrigno. The true Incredible Hulk...no CGI necessary lol.
I wasn’t supposed to but I just had to get a picture of Lou Ferrigno. The true Incredible Hulk…no CGI necessary lol.

I almost forgot the main attraction for all Comic-Con events is the celebrity guests who come and make appearances, take pictures and sign autographs. Some of the celebrity guests for this  weekend include William Shatner, Ernie Hudson, Robert Englund, Ralph Macchio, Lou Ferrigno,  Dean Cain and Norman Reedus to name a few.

Comic-Con is organized by Wizard World. The convention will be for the remainder of the weekend. The last I heard there were only single day tickets available for Sunday Nov.9th and VIP passes available as well. Saturday’s festivities will begin 10am-7pm and Sunday’s festivities will be from 11am-5pm. For more information or to find out when Comic-Con is coming to your area visit http://www.wizardworld. com




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