A couple of Fall firsts; Linde Oktoberfest and Thunder Game


What a busy weekend. I must say that the weather this weekend was perfect for activities. I was never a person who loved fall weather but this year it is really starting to grow on me. But enough about that…let’s get down to business.

The 2014 Linde Oktoberfest in Tulsa, held at the River West Festival Park, began on Thursday Oct.16th and wrapped up on Sunday Oct. 19th. My boyfriend and I decided to attend on Saturday afternoon.  From our personal experience the parking situation was handled smoothly. We paid at the entrance and were on our way to enjoy the festival. This was my first time attending any Oktoberfest so I was pretty open to whatever I might find. There were plenty of family friendly rides and kid friendly arts and crafts available.




Our winnings: a deck of cards and a luggage tag. Worth the 10 minute wait?

If the Tulsa State Fair blog is any indication to you of what my main objective was when attending this Oktoberfest then you already know…I came for some food baby. We exchanged our cash for tickets (a pretty good way of currency I must say, 1 ticket is equivalent to $1), and then we went to find some food. There were numerous tents set up with the majority of which being the tents housing the music performers and seating. Any tent that wasn’t for music was for food or merchandise. Out first stop was to fill up our souvenir mug with none other than beer of course. After that we stopped by The Schnitzel Haus where we got a…you guessed it…a schnitzel. I had never eaten one and didn’t know what to expect, but it actually wasn’t bad. It was almost like a pork chop sandwich (yes I know that’s so country, lol) but without the toughness of the meat. When it was all said and done we had a schnitzel, a bratwurst with sauerkraut, a funnel cake, lemonade, German brownies, and a corn dog.




corn dog

Needless to say we got our fill. When we weren’t stuffing our faces we were taking in the sights which included music of all types (which was pretty cool because depending on your musical tastes you could pretty much sit and listen to whatever suited you, just find your tent). Judging only by this one experience I would attend Oktoberfest again. My only gripe is that they encourage you to buy a souvenir mug and then charge you a “refill” price to get beer on your first time filling up your mug. I know it seems picky of me but I think there has to be a more cost efficient way for the consumer to save a few bucks the first time they fill up their mug, maybe I don’t know. All in all it was a good experience.

I’m pretty diverse in my likes and dislikes. One of my many likes is sports. Especially when it comes to cheering on the home team. This past Sunday (Oct. 19th) The Oklahoma City Thunder made their annual pre-season trip to Tulsa to play against the Minnesota Timberwolves.



This was my first NBA game and I was pretty excited. Pre-season lacks a little bit of the competitiveness than that of a regular season game. Although it was just pre-season the BOK Center was packed with fans. We enjoyed the game (from the nosebleed seats I must add, lol hey we were being a little cheap lol).



Sitting in the sea of blue fan shirts was an awesome atmosphere to be in. Unfortunately the home team couldn’t pull off the win. I am hoping the loss is not a sign of what is to come for our team.


I had a great and eventful weekend. How was yours?

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