Fair Food and other Shenanigans

It was meant to be
It was meant to be

I love the fair! Let me say it again…I love the fair! I’ll be honest with you guys (and gals) I mainly go to the fair for the food. I know that isn’t a surprise. The Tulsa State Fair wrapped up this weekend. The annual Tulsa State Fair began in 1903. Typically I try to maintain a healthy diet but that gets placed on hold when the fair arrives. I know that you all have been to plenty of fairs so you’re pretty much aware of what they have to offer as far as entertainment, food and vendors, so let’s get down to the good stuff.

Sipping a sampler size peach bellini
Sipping a sampler size peach bellini

Disclaimer: The boyfriend and I are not wino’s…the wine section of the fair was the first thing we saw on our way into the fair grounds. We tried a few wines from Summerside Vineyards and Winery (from Vinita, OK). They had a tasty selection of local wines available. We enjoyed the blackberry flavored wine the most. If you are interested in purchasing some made in Oklahoma wine visit their website at www.summersidevineyards.com

Really? That' interesting...
Really? That’ interesting…
This concession stand is synonymous with the fair
This concession stand is synonymous with the fair

There were plenty of concession stands available and they were flowing with yum yum goodness. Plenty of smells, some delicious-some not so delicious, some familiar-and some not so familiar. After a thoughtful search we made our food choices. We decided on a pulled pork baked potato (very delicious), a Krispy Kreme doughnut burger (which I’m sure you’re heard of by now), a chocolate malt (thick and refreshing) and what would a fair experience be without a corn dog for the road.

Pulled Pork baked potato from one of Freddie's many booths
Pulled Pork baked potato from one of Freddie’s many booths
Krispy Kreme doughnut burger with cheese and bacon.
Krispy Kreme doughnut burger with cheese and bacon.

If you’re worried that we may have eaten way more than daily calories would allow, please don’t worry. When we weren’t eating we were walking…ALOT. The other part of going to the fair is “people watching”. Since we went on the last Friday of the fair there weren’t too many people to push through but there was still a manageable crowd. There were plenty of merchandise booths offering a wide selection of products, clothing and educational information. If your local fair hasn’t came to your area yet make sure to put it on your list of things to do.




After about 2 hours of rummaging through all the fair had to offer we left with our feet tired and our bellies full.

But wait there’s more…The next morning while out running errands we stopped by Party City. One of my favorite things about fall is the plethora of Halloween stores that pop up everywhere. Party City was busy with families doing a little bit of shopping for upcoming trick or treating, Halloween parties and anything else that would involve the holiday prep. We decided to have some fun and do some window shopping.

Can we sit with you?
Can we sit with you?
She was trying to show me something
She was trying to show me something

If you’re planning to do anything for Halloween you should definitely stop by Party City, they have a huge selection of items including costumes. I’m still unsure of what I am doing for Halloween but I will let you guys (and gals) know. What are you planning for Halloween?

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