Fly Me to The Moon – Gatesway Balloon Festival


It’s not everyday that you see a hot air balloon, at least not in these parts (that sounded really country, lol). When you have the opportunity to see one you have to stop and stare. Now add a little over half a dozen hot air balloons and you have a spectacle on your hands. This weekend me and the boyfriend ventured about 30 minutes down the highway to Claremore, OK for the Gatesway Balloon Festival. Gatesway is a non-profit agency that provides vocational, social and living skills to people with intellectual disabilities.

Wonder Bread balloon
Wonder Bread balloon

The festival was from Friday Sept. 19th to Saturday Sept. 20th at the Cherokee Casino, Will Rogers Down. The entry to the fair was free which allowed many families the chance to come out and enjoy the festivities. There were concession stands available, which I had to take advantage of because “fair food” is one of my favorite things. There were plenty of games available for kids to enjoy including laser tag and a mechanical bull. There were also arts and crafts vendors at the festival. It was a really laid back atmosphere. I have to admit that I had a good time until we were ready to leave. The parking and the traffic flow could have been better. Hopefully as the festival grows there will be more control over these matters. If you missed it this year I’m sure the event will be around again next year, don’t miss out!

If you would like to find out more about Gatesway click the link below

Who knew King Kong was hiding in Claremore
Who knew King Kong was hiding in Claremore
Me and Will chatting it up about the news
Me and Will chatting it up about the news
How cool it this RV?
How country chic is this RV?




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