Winter Likes and Dislikes

So I thought I would get this “Bah Humbug” post out of the way! Instead of the usual Fab Five post where I list 5 things that I “like” right now, I decided to mix in a few things that have annoyed me this year (just a few) as well.

Perfect Christmas Decor – Dislike

Okay, this might ruffle a few feathers. BUT! I stopped by Target last night and perused their Christmas decor aisle.  Everything looked the same.  Not enough variety.  Also, the Pinterest and Instagram feeds are full of non-fun Christmas decor.  The Christmas decorations from my childhood always included the holiday crafts my brothers and I made.  Plus my mom didn’t worry about everything coordinating.  Things had sentimental value.  When did Christmas become so pretentious?

Santa Claus – Dislike

Let me just say that I don’t hate Santa.  I’ve just never been “into” the whole idea of Santa. Maybe I could blame my mom because she never encouraged my brothers and I to believe in Ole St. Nick. Maybe I’m just too cynical.

Old Navy Workout Leggings – Like

I have been rocking these leggings to the gym for months! I love the way they feel and how well they fit my lower body.  They are comfortable, durable, and squat resistant.  Since the leggings are from Old Navy, they’re also inexpensive.  You can find them here

Unicorns – Dislike

I don’t know how the unicorn thing got so popular, but I am over it! I have no issue with children loving unicorns, but anything that is supposed to be for adults and somehow a unicorn is involved…I’m out! I guess because I was never interested in unicorns as a child, I’m not interested in them now either.  Please let the unicorn craze go away!

Bad Finales – Dislike

SPOILER ALERT! So earlier this year I mentioned that the HBO show, Insecure was one of my Fab Fives.  Well, the finale of Season 3 was underwhelming in my opinion.  I know the love interest, Nathan, comes back after ghosting Issa.  However, I felt his explanation was lame (I guess that is pretty realistic). I also felt like they could’ve elaborated more on how Issa felt after letting his explanation sink in.  David and I were like “Wait a minute…that’s it?”.

Duncan Hines Microwave Desserts – Like

These quick and simple desserts are great for the cold winter nights.  They have a variety of flavors available.  Combine one of these warm and yummy desserts with a scoop of ice cream and it’s on!

So this post might seem a little heavy handed on the “dislikes”, but if you want to see the rest of my favorites please check out my YouTube Winter Favorites video found here!


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