Top 5 “Not So Scary”, Scary Movies!

With Halloween fast approaching I felt that I would create a short list of scary movies that are lacking on the “scary” part. Please be aware that all of the movies on this list are from the 80’s or early 90’s. This is due to the fact that when I initially watched these I was a kid and once I got older I realized they weren’t nearly as scary as I thought they were. So here we go!

  1. LEPRECHAUN – 1993
You don't want to see this guy on your box of Lucky Charms!
You don’t want to see this guy on your box of Lucky Charms!

The only thing good that came of this movie or series was the rise of Friends star Jennifer Aniston. Yep, Jennifer Aniston was in Leprechaun. I don’t want to overlook Warwick Davis, he’s a good actor. However, somewhere half way through the movie you realize you haven’t winced or jumped yet. But you have giggled a bit at the dialogue. Yes the makeup is a little creepy, but that’s about as scary as it gets. You walk away from the movie with the reminder not to take anything that doesn’t belong to you. But didn’t your mom always tell you that?

2. GREMLINS – 1984

Not so cute and cuddly
Not so cute and cuddly

Don’t you want a mogwai? Of course you do! As long as you don’t get it wet or feed it after midnight then you’re in the clear. This movie is more fun than scary. Of course if anything like the events in this movie happened in real life you would probably be freaked out.


Sorry Eddy. I can't you serious
Sorry Eddy. I can’t take you serious

I love Eddie Murphy. I love Angela Bassett. I love John Witherspoon. I do not love Eddie Murphy as a vampire or Angela Bassett as his love interest. This movie had some hilarious parts but I thought vampires were supposed to be scary. They tried it y’all, smh. It’s still entertaining though.

4. Chucky franchise

They couldn't leave well enough alone
They couldn’t leave well enough alone

This is a six film series. They scared me with the first film, Child’s Play. After the first movie things went out the window for me. It stopped being scary and became a little weird and comical. Basically as soon as Chucky got married I was through with the entire series!

5. Beetlejuice – 1988

The ghost with the most!
The ghost with the most!

I had to mention this movie. This is one of my favorite Michael Keaton movies. This is also one of the first Tim Burton movies I ever watched. I still enjoy the weird cartoony world that Tim Burton brings to his creations. The staircase snake and the sand worms are probably the only scary aspects of this movie. However, it’s still fun to watch. Especially the dinner table scene. You have to watch it to know why.


Definitely an honorable mention
Definitely an honorable mention

When I watched this movie as a kid it was pretty scary. However, as an adult the concept alone is pretty goofy. This movie actually has a cult following and many people remember it. The main reason it is an honorable mention is because there are people of all ages who are scared of clowns (also known as Coulrophobia) so this movie does have a decent “scare factor”.

  • CRITTERS – 1986

Aliens, called Krites, arrive on the planet and begin terrorizing everyone. And by terrorizing I mean eating. Bounty hunters chase them. People run in fear. That’s…about…it.

  • PUPPET MASTER – 1989
Not your average puppet show.
Not your average puppet show.

Puppets (toys) are animated by a spell to kill a man. This movie is the first of nine. Yep…they kept making them.

So if you’re looking for some strange and creepy movies to watch for Halloween then I hope this list helps with that. You never know some of these could make for a fun night. You’re Welcome! Enjoy!


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