Summer Lovin’. Fun Summer Date Night Ideas.

Summer Lovin’

Fun Summer Date Night Ideas


The summer heat is bearing down upon us. Sometimes the heat can feel like such a pest. The idea of doing anything other than the absolute necessary can seem out of the question. Regardless of how we may feel about it life still must go on, and that includes our love life. Keep reading for some summer date night ideas.


  • Drive-in Movie

Once the sun goes down it typically cools down…a tad. Without the blazing sun beating down on you getting outdoors could be more likely. If you live near a local drive-in consider grabbing your babe, a few snacks and possibly your bug spray and head on out to catch a show. Tulsa’s Admiral Twin, located at 7355 East Easton, has two screens and always has the latest movies playing as well as a few oldies.

fit couple

  • Work Up a Sweat

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying “summer bodies are made in the winter”. That may be true however, it’s important to maintain that body long after you’ve made your Facebook swimwear posts. If you and your honey like to work-out why not pick an evening to go together. Let’s be honest, the gym is the furthest thing from most people’s minds on a Friday or Saturday night. Use this fact to your advantage. The less people at the gym, the more opportunity you have to use the equipment that you want to use. Not about that gym life? Go for a walk. Find a safe route or trail and take a long stroll together. Talk, catch up and enjoy the sunset. The endorphins you both release after you work-out can only lead to more feel good moments later.

biking couple

  • Get wet!

Avoiding the water all summer long is no summer at all. Try to plan for an opportunity for you and your significant other to spend time relaxing in the water. The beach and the lake are great options, but a pool can be just as nice. Choose whichever option you can afford. Don’t forget to plan for some grub. Barbecue goes hand and hand with pool time. Of course don’t forget to plan accordingly, always bring sunscreen and make sure you’re hydrated.

I hope you found these options helpful. Don’t let the heat drain you of all energy and excitement. Date night doesn’t mean you have to sit inside a stuffy restaurant. There are options for you and your boo thang.


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