Culture & Body Art – Tulsa Culture Festival 2015

Hey y'all! I know it has been awhile since my last post, but I assure you that I haven't forgotten about my blog. This past weekend my mom, David and I went to the 1st Tulsa Culture Festival in Glenpool, OK which was put together by Lamorell Entertainment LLC..The event was held at the Glenpool... Continue Reading →

June Photo Wrap-Up 2015

Let me first apologize for being LATE on my Photo Wrap-Up. Please forgive me for my tardiness. June swept by so quickly. So it is finally up now! I hope you enjoy! Thanks again for stopping by the blog. I started off the month right by celebrating a few birthdays of my good friends. One... Continue Reading →

May Photo Wrap-Up 2015

Hey y'all hey!! Another month is in the books! Summer is creeping upon us. My month was filled with fun times with fun people. I hope you enjoy these photographic mementos. I went to the Renaissance Festival in Muskogee, OK with family. We had a nice time. There was so much to see. The festival is... Continue Reading →

February Photo Wrap-Up 2015

Hey everyone! As quickly as always February has come and gone. You know what time it is! Time for my end of the month Photo Wrap-Up. See below what pictures fell between the cracks. I hope your February was pleasant. Don't forget to Like, Comment and Share!! And a quick announcement: The Colormyfootsteps Facebook page... Continue Reading →

October Photo Wrap-Up

Hey everyone, I thought I would throw together a quick blog post of some of the photos that didn't make the blog this month for whatever reason. Enjoy! If you can't get enough of can find me on Instragram---> Colormyfootsteps Like, Share, Comment Below!

September Photo Wrap -Up

Hey everyone!! I wanted to throw in some pictures that didn't make my blog this month but I thought they were a little worthy. Enjoy!! (sorry for the quality of some of the pics) Fall is in full swing. Stay tuned for more adventures! Like, Share, Subscribe

A Weekend Outing

I must say...I love the weekend especially Saturday. Saturday always feels like a clean slate to me. It feels like an opportunity to accomplish any and everything. To venture into the unknown and discover new things. Ok, ok, that may have been a little dramatic but what can I say...the weekend was made for rest, relaxation... Continue Reading →

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