August VIDEO Wrap-Up 2016

Hey everyone! I hope the month of August went well for you! I did not take as many pictures so I decided make this post a VIDEO wrap-up for the month of August. Enjoy! This is PART 1 of our trip to Kansas City, Missouri! Obviously if there is PART 1 than there... Continue Reading →


Travel Bloggers and Vloggers You Should Follow!

Hey ya'll! Everyone needs a little motivation or better yet inspiration from time to time. You could be a singer drawing inspiration from Andrea Bocelli or Usher. Or maybe you're a cook inspiring to be the next Anthony Bourdain. Everyone looks to someone to inspire them or simply someone to motivate them to get back... Continue Reading →

How Sweet It Is!

Hey ya'll hey! So I don't have to tell you how time flies, especially in the summer months. You're doing your best to have fun while some how surviving the treacherous heat. All while trying to dot your "I's" and cross your "T's. Somewhere in all the daily commotion the little things tend to get... Continue Reading →

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