February Photo Wrap-Up 2015

Hey everyone! As quickly as always February has come and gone. You know what time it is! Time for my end of the month Photo Wrap-Up. See below what pictures fell between the cracks. I hope your February was pleasant. Don't forget to Like, Comment and Share!! And a quick announcement: The Colormyfootsteps Facebook page... Continue Reading →


Fellow Okie: John Baldridge

Fellow Okie Questionnaire Let me start by telling the story of how I met John Baldridge. While in college, years ago, I worked in the food court. I spent many weekends cooped up in that dingy bland food court (this was before they remodeled it lol). Besides working with some fun people nothing about that... Continue Reading →

My Sugar Sisters Product Review

Scrolling through Instagram one day I came across the Instagram of Oklahoma’s own Sugar Sisters. Of course as soon as I read they were from Oklahoma I had to find out more so I went to their website. I looked through every tab on the website including the bio, and yes they are sisters. I... Continue Reading →

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