September Photo Wrap -Up

Hey everyone!! I wanted to throw in some pictures that didn't make my blog this month but I thought they were a little worthy. Enjoy!! (sorry for the quality of some of the pics) Fall is in full swing. Stay tuned for more adventures! Like, Share, Subscribe


Fly Me to The Moon – Gatesway Balloon Festival

It's not everyday that you see a hot air balloon, at least not in these parts (that sounded really country, lol). When you have the opportunity to see one you have to stop and stare. Now add a little over half a dozen hot air balloons and you have a spectacle on your hands. This... Continue Reading →

My Top Movies about Travel

I love a good story. I love being transported to a new and interesting place in my imagination. Of course on occasion I actually like to travel to such places, but sometimes you have to settle for the easier to obtain option...a movie. Here is a list of my top 5 travel related movies. See... Continue Reading →

Fellow Okie: Ceanti’ Aldridge

There are some people who just have an eye for detail. They can see a blank canvas not as it is but for what it can become. They can take a fanciful idea and make it tangible. not one of those people. Thankfully I know someone who is. Ceanti' Aldridge is a wonderful and creatively gifted young... Continue Reading →

A Weekend Outing

I must say...I love the weekend especially Saturday. Saturday always feels like a clean slate to me. It feels like an opportunity to accomplish any and everything. To venture into the unknown and discover new things. Ok, ok, that may have been a little dramatic but what can I say...the weekend was made for rest, relaxation... Continue Reading →

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