Hit the road Jack…but don’t forget to pack!!

Everyone has had that moment. You’re 30 minutes from home driving down the highway and you think "Did I remember to pack my _____?" or you’ve arrived at your destination and now you try to get comfortable and it hits you….”Aww man I forgot ______!”. In all the excitement and the stress of packing for... Continue Reading →


Random stop at The Guthrie Green Sunday Farmer’s Market

I decided to stop by the Farmer's Market held every Sunday at Guthrie Green in Downtown Tulsa. I had heard about the farmer's market but I always seem to forget about it or was too busy to go....BUT NOT TODAY. I headed out (on a very warm August day I must add) with the boyfriend... Continue Reading →

GO GO Power…Lifters!

I spent the weekend at the NASA World Cup 2014 in Oklahoma City. When I say NASA I’m not referring to the space program (even though that would be cool). I’m talking about the Natural Athlete Strength Association. This was not my 1st time attending a powerlifting meet, however it was my 1st time attending... Continue Reading →

Fellow Okie: Keith Boyd

This is a section of my blog dedicated to Okies that are making big leaps to make an impact on the world around them. You don't have to currently call Oklahoma home but if you once resided here then I think I'll let you slide in :-). If you know someone who would be perfect to be featured here let me know (and don't forget to let me know a lil' about the person and how I can contact them)! Thanks ya'll.

Park Hopping! Checking out Tulsa parks.

Oklahoma has beautiful summers. Temperatures soar and if we’re lucky a lil’ rain will pour. Days where the sun is shining bright and the clouds are leisurely rolling by are plentiful here. Those wonderful days are best spent outdoors. So outdoors I went. I didn’t have enough time today to enjoy all the parks that... Continue Reading →

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