Center of the Universe Festival (Tulsa, OK)

COTU downtown banner

COTU downtown banner

The Center of the Universe Festival kicked off its 2nd year this past weekend (July 25th-26th) by hosting plenty of bands and vendors for people to enjoy. You would think that with it only being in its second year that it wouldn’t be such a huge event but judging by the crowd turnout this year…you would be mistaken. Now before I get too far into this post I would just like to admit that your girl did not actually attend any of the concerts or visit any of the vendors but I did manage to make my way downtown to where everything was happening and take a little peak. I know I know, you’re probably asking “How are you going to write about something that you didn’t actually participate in”? Lemme explain ya’ll..It was too hot for me and I underestimated the security situation, which

Downtown Center of the Universe

Downtown COTU

basically sums up to: I didn’t want to pay for tickets since I knew I wasn’t going to be there long, I just wanted to be nosey lol. I was surprised by the amount of people who showed up. This festival welcomes people from all over, not just Tulsans. Even though I didn’t experience it all for myself I’m sure there were a lot of sights, sounds and of course the free goodies aka SWAG to enjoy. It was very nice to see so many people support an Okie event! By the looks of things I don’t expect this festival to simply disappear into the abyss of “Remember when they used to…?”